Another Reason the Marijuana Debate is Moving Forward

Nate Silver at the very cool polling blog FiveThirtyEight has another angle on the growing support for marijuana legalization.

Put simply, the percentage of Americans who've ever tried marijuana is getting bigger. There are steadily fewer voters out there who grew up before the 60's and 70's. Naturally, people who have experience with marijuana are less likely to be fearful of it and support harsh penalties for users.

Interesting. In other words, support for marijuana reform is likely to increase over time regardless of anything we say or do. That doesn't mean we don’t have our work cut out for us, but it's another factor to keep in mind when we run into new obstacles. The fight is exhausting, but time is on our side in a very real way.

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fish in a barrel

Obama Plans Intensified Pot Arrests
President Barack Obama's Attorney General, Eric H. Holder Jr., in an interview with the New York Times in Mexico City asserted:

"And with marijuana sales central to the drug trade, Mr. Holder said he was exploring ways to lower the minimum amount required for the federal prosecution of possession cases."

Where is the coverage now?

See first Post. This is the second "in your face hippy" action by Holder about Marijuana. Where is the outrage? Or are we going to be belted with the same old, "just wait I think this may be some secret double end around good for us thing" bullshit that I have seen posted here since the online town hall meeting.

Get off the Unicorn, and walk him off the rainbow, this administration is about to Bill Clinton our ass. And I will be here to give you the I told you so.

Robert Hutton

LOL! I Would Not Have Said It Better

Robert, you are dead on. But you have been beaten to it. Go to DrugWarRant post "Sometimes, I'm clueless"

Pete and Eric Sterling work overtime to deny that what Holder said he actually said and instead fantasize what they think he coulda, shoulda, might have, probably really meant to say.

This is a sore spot for me because during the presidential campaign I looked hard at Obama's actual drug policy record and assertions and I realized that he is a drug warrior who was using manipulative rhetoric and innuendo to conn the drug policy reform community. His conn would have failed but for the drug policy reform commentators who repackaged the things he actually said into the things that they wanted to hear from him. I was pretty soundly told by most all reform leaders I spoke with to shut up and sit down. Now Obama's gang of thugs are, as you so eloquently put it "about to Bill Clinton our ass" and the reform leadership is yet again bending over and greasing themselves in anticipation.

Public Relations Campaign

You're both right.

This is why I've been trying to get the reform movement to stop spending so many resources lobbying the government, and allocate major resources to directly raising passionate support from the public majority (i.e. launch a massive, continuous, and respectable international public relations campaign).

In the U.S., we need to gain enough power (by gaining more powerful allies) for our lobbying efforts to beat public servants backed by the incarceration lobby.

Pre-Internet, what Obama and company are doing would have been reported by the mainstream media and most Americans would not hear from the opposition generally condemned as evil drug users.

With the Internet, however, things are very different.

The mainstream media now has a painfully bright light exposing their fraudulent claims of being unbiased, so supporting corrupt prohibitionists without us continuing to globally broadcast an intelligent challenge is no longer possible. If we can encourage the mainstream media to report the whole truth, strongly challenging Obama and company, then drug prohibitionists will lose perceived credibility fast, and Obama's disgusting move will backfire.

Our message is right on the money. In a fair debate, a prohibitionist cannot make one valid argument for sustaining drug prohibition. Not one. The Internet allows prohibitionist lies and our truths to globally persist, continuously chipping away at the perceived prohibitionist credibility.

Drug prohibition has no proper connection to the written American foundation (let's encourage Lou Dobbs to tell his audience, "If one uses certain drugs, one is having a substantial affect on interstate commerce").

Prohibitionists cannot provide one piece of conclusive evidence proving drug prohibition works at all.

We can provide ample evidence proving the horrendous damage caused by drug prohibition, adding that drug use minus drug prohibition does not equal gang funding, etc.

There's no conclusive evidence proving marijuana use (the most used illicit drug by far) causes any damage at all, instead having 13 U.S. states legalize it for medicinal purposes.

Our case is a slam dunk. However, being right without the right presentation is pointless.

An odd-but-good example is let's say I publish a document with bloody dagger images all over it saying, "Flossing your teeth is important." Even though my message is true, the bloody dagger presentation likely ruins any chance of convincing the public majority.

The reform movement isn't presenting anything like bloody daggers, of course, but the drug culture has been demonized to a point where too much of our audience (the public majority) is still instantly dismissing anyone displaying a connection to that culture (at least some of them doing it with laughter).

This is why LEAP is so great. They take our slam dunk case, use the same law enforcement credibility abused by prohibitionists, and are gaining ground as a result.

We need to respectfully put aside our beloved drug culture image and present our message in a way embraceable by our audience (maintaining composure, intelligence, cleanliness, etc.)

The chart that Scott posted shows the vast majority of the elderly (i.e. people who show up to vote more than any other age group) never used marijuana. We need their support. With all due respect, dreadlocks and abundant use of the words dude and man won't cut it.

If the public majority wants it, the mainstream media will report it. The "it" needs to include our message.

We must (or get the mainstream media to) publicly expose prohibitionists' self-serving interests and whatever black market connections they may have to eliminate their perceived credibility.

We must continually work to find the journalists who respect the journalism code of ethics and will report the whole truth.

People around the world need to continue to perpetuate our message to help us gain powerful allies.

We're going to defeat drug prohibition. How we create and exercise our strategy will play a strong role in determining how soon that defeat will come.

Take clean, simple messages (with or without humor) presented in a mainstream presentation style to please the public majority, add it to a well-organized collection of entertainment for viral marketing purposes, and continuously spread the word.

We are engaged in information warfare. We are undeniably the good guys with liberty and truth firmly on our side (even the moral relativists understand that certainty). It's time we prove that to the world, not stopping until they get it.

The only place that the drug war can end

is in the United States congress. Effectively lobbying the congress has been a patchwork hit or miss affair for the reform organizations. Very disappointing. LEAP and SSDP have done some good work but otherwise the effort is much too timid.

The whole purpose of public support is to convince the politicians in congress that change is both in the public interest and of interest within the public mind. Letter writing campaigns have some effect but it could be another generation before we get enough politicians to admit to the public support and go against the powerful law enforcement/prison guard/penal industry lobby.

The one thing that will bring fast change in the minds of the 535 a-holes who control the policy in the congress is to have masses of Americans out in the streets of Washington, D.C. and our state capitals screaming at the politicians:





At more than 40% pro-pot legalization while the congress has a 30-39% favorability ranking, legalization is more popular in America than is the congress that keeps pot illegal.

The American Solution

Is to commit yourself to only voting for politicians who reflect and respect your values. Unless, like Jim Webb of Virginia, they clearly oppose the treasonous war on drugs STOP VOTING FOR THESE LYING THIEVING DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS!

A majority of voters on strike;

They started unconstitutionally with only a small amount of the population being considered human to vote. Voting must not allow unconstitutional laws or leaders to exist. the majority of people for whatever reason, force or choice, do not vote which automatically declares the system a fraud and failure. Make a much bigger impact on fraudulent leaders by showing by public record that only between 10 and 30 % of the actual population has ever voted and its still the same by design. So pending removal of fraudulent leaders and their cult they try to pass off as a government the majority are screaming HELL NO WE WONT VOTE ! On strike pending removal of fraud and frauds posing as government!

Better to Write-in


Participation on your own terms.



This way the politicians see how many votes they are NOT getting.

Other alternatives:

Mary Jane Juana

Thomas Chong

Changing Zeitgeist

(Damn, I hate these little boxes to type in) But will have ongoing reports on my medical marijuana test case. Which I mite win, even in Arkansas.

For one, there are the new dwarf varieties. The trial will be held in Clinton AR, where most of the voters are rural land owners. Who wont like it when they realize the pot is too small to notice, and they wont know there's a problem until the cops show up to arrest them and seize their land.

For two, there are new medicinal lines that dont have THC, but are still powerfully therapeutic. Altho, I mite point out to a jury, that if you give a vaporizer to any angry difficult to manage Alzheimer's, he'll mellow right out.

Third, I'm nearly 70, and know lotsa cranky old cranks who've smoked pot for 40 years, and would be absolutely insufferable without it. Yes, lotsa old hippies have health problems, but its not from pot smoking.

U.S. Marijuana Patent # 6,630,507... approved in 2003!

Perhaps using the governments own hypocritical patent in your defense might help.

Those that dare to care... should be aware that the U.S. Government continues to maintain the old drug war refrain that marijuana has no accepted medical value... yet the same U.S. Governmet holds the patent for... are you ready for this... "Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants".

That's right kiddies, your government currently holds U.S. Patent # 6,630,507 claiming: "Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties... cannabinoids are found to have particular applications as neuroprotectants... limiting neurological damage following... stroke and trauma... or in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases... such as Alzheimer's... Parkinson's... and HIV dementia".

Please, someone tell me how a gov't that kills or incarcerates those that dare to disagree while claiming one thing while positioning itself to profit from the exact opposite can be legal or moral... even in this scoundrel ridden judao/christian nation.

The government patent should be struck down as an illegally acquired property/intellectual right. The medical efficacy of Cannabis has been known by respected medical professionals for decades... literally centuries. Yet the u.s. government continues to prohibit, under the guise of regulation, the scientific study of the cannabis plant while obtaining the patent for cannabinoids.

It's not the THC that scares the crap out of uncle scam... it's the BSBs... the 'Bullshit Blockers'!

Scientific Truisms

German Physicist Max Planck (1858-1947), originator of quantum physics, had this to say about the speed of scientific progress:

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

Sad, but true about the drug war as well.

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