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The Only Way To Win The War On Drugs Is To Stop Fighting It

In response to this story: One of suspects in 'horrific' attempted murder in Stuart is 14 Another headline in another small town in America read "One of suspects in 'horrific' attempted murder in Stuart is 14", and the article goes on to describe the details- "A man and a teen boy each face attempted murder and robbery charges after beating a man during an apparent drug deal Sunday night, leaving the victim on life support, police said Monday." Violent crime and illegal drug activity, and the attempt by law enforcement to stop it, are two forces that actually contribute to each other. The more one side fights, the more the other side responds, and the problem worsens. The only way to win the war on drugs, is to stop fighting it Do people really care about all of the victims of drug related violence, or do you just want to see people punished when they do something wrong? This incident would never have happened if drugs were legal, and this happens a thousand times a day in the USA. Prohibition did not work to stop the sale and use of alcohol, and it will not work for marijuana or cocaine. The US Government spends billions of your tax dollars fighting an unwinnable war on drugs, and the drug gangs make billions selling those drugs. I personally will work to get an amendment on the ballot to legalize, or decriminalize marijuana and to make cocaine a prescription drug, and make the use of these drugs legal, and without punishment for the user. For all of the people against this amendment to legalize marijuana and decriminalize cocaine, I demand that you call your congressmen to pass a law prohibiting the sale and use of alcohol. I demand consistency, and if one mind-altering drug is bad for society, then all mind-altering drugs are bad, and if one drug like alcohol is acceptable for society, then all drugs must be acceptable. Only then will our society become a safer place to live. Legalize Drugs To Stop Violence Stop the War on Drugs LEAP Tony Soldo P.O.Box 216 Hobe Sound, FL 33475 561-267-1976
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Parity is not their goal... special rights are!

All vices including alcohol, gambling, porno, religion, gov't, marijuana, etc are not created equal because the religious demand special rights and considerations...
because they are special needs people!

Consider that the drug alcohol is the drug of choice of the religious... and is not considered a drug by them... even though it fits the legal definition of a drug.. a susbtance that changes the chemistry of the body and/or mind.

Such special rights do not exist and remain unconstitutional and technically treasonous.

The right to use the vice of your choice responsibly comes from our inalienable self-evident right to 'pursue happiness'... nothing more... nothing less.. and neither god nor gov't can legally change that!

Truth is Treason in the Kingdom of Lies

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