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New Survey project to help effect change in law - Advice needed....

Submitted by David Borden on
I am starting a new survey in hopes of creating support for a ballot petition to legalize marijuana here in Oklahoma. The survey is to be 2 fold: 1. A survey dedicated to legalizing marijuana by educating the public for marijuana reform. There would be information with links providing information on marijuana and eliminate federal involvement in controlling and enforcing policy regarding marijuana and return that regulation , control and enforcements to the states and the removal of marijuana from schedule I controls. 2. The information gathered will also be used to a proposal to get a ballot petition started in Oklahoma for legalization and leaving the decision up to the voters and not the politicians.This would also include a proposal that can be presented to legislators to garner support for the change in Oklahoma law or for presentation to the governor of the State of Oklahoma. State Elections are coming up next year and this could influence the petition and getting it on the state ballot for the voters of the state to decide. California is being watched as it provides the template for this project in hopes of changing the laws regarding marijuana use and cultivation at both federal and state levels by hopefully returning the decision to the voters and not the elected politicians. So if you have any advice on how to proceed with this project including obtaining national exposure in order to let the general public know how to access the online survey which is currently under construction. I would also appreciate ideas on survey questions for both surveys. If all goes as well as my original test survey went, then maybe we can finally get our elected officials to realize that they have their jobs because of the voters and should listen to them for a change instead of blowing things off like Obama did recently. It's time to speak up, and any assistance or ideas regarding this project would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.

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