What do we want? Drug Policy Based on Science

I've written the following article regarding strategy for ending the drug war and posted it at OpEdNews. http://www.opednews.com/articles/What-do-we-want-Drug-Poli-by-Mary-Bell-...
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Generally a good article, but

drug replacement??? We know that Big Pharma's drugs come with greater addiction rates and more (and more dangerous) side effects than natural substances like cannabis and opium, so why would ANYONE use replacement as therapy for a drug addict? Didn't we learn that lesson with methadone? It's more addictive and more dangerous to use than heroin, its only advantage in the eyes of prohibitionists and treatment providers is it doesn't make the user high.

Since when is getting high a bad thing in and of itself? We allow, even encourage, people to get high on alcohol, we allow Valium users to get high, so what the hell is wrong with allowing people to get high on cannabis, or X, or opium/heroin? Hmmm?

If use gets out of control, there is help for them (not very good help, yet, it is still too reliant on religion rather than digging for the reasons one's life is out of control, but it is there). Tho treatment should never be forced on an addict, by the courts or families, it doesn't take and is therefore a complete waste of time, money, and effort when the addict isn't ready to stop on his/her own. There should be a halfway house to treatment where addicts can safely be addicts without hurting society (not prison like) and where persuasion and examination of reasons for addiction takes the place of mandates (some may never need to go into actual treatment after this); and another halfway house after treatment to help them adjust to living back in open society again.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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