Like America,Canada is throwing the book out the window in an attempt to be gangbusters

Citing the name of Al Capone himself,Canadian police and revenue Canada have announced plans to use the tax man to try to seize property and arrest gangsters for tax evasion.I have no idea who decides who qualifies as a gangster but after using Capone as an example of what is wrong with the prohibitionist position on many occasions myself.I find it strange that this government can go this route and fail to see the irony.Not only are they using the fact that it is illegal not to answer a question from revenue Canada.They are shamelessly admitting that they are circumventing a persons right not to incriminate themselves.There will be mistakes and wrongful arrests and seizures but it seems that just saying that someone is a gangster voids any rights they may have otherwise had.The delight displayed by the officers driving a luxury car onto a tow trailer was quite a sight.I know from long experience and from observing such abuses of process that when it starts the police are very careful in who they go after and what they take.Soon it turns into a contest with officers competing for most seizures and the people harassed become smaller and smaller until some are not even criminals.This is probably something those in America have grown used to.Police here are being schooled by the local DEA office and it's staff and policies in Canada mirror those in America more every day.At a time that the US is trying to get rid of such atrocities as mandatory minimums and three strikes.Our government is looking at implementing as many such laws as they can.With Stephen Harper in charge and Michael Ignatief following along like a lap dog,rubber stamping everything he does,it's becoming clear that our politicians long for the days when Canada had the highest number of prisoners per capita .This is one of the few that reject science and reject any kind of health approach to drugs.They have no understanding that it is their own policies that have created the gangs and allow them to thrive.
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