"So how's this war on drugs going?"

Jack Cafferty at CNN punches the drug war in the face:

Here's something to think about:

How many police officers and sheriff's deputies are involved in investigating and solving crimes involving illegal drugs? And arresting and transporting and interrogating and jailing the suspects?

How many prosecutors and their staffs spend time prosecuting drug cases? How many defense lawyers spend their time defending drug suspects?

How many hours of courtroom time are devoted to drug trials? How many judges, bailiffs, courtroom security officers, stenographers, etc., spend their time on drug trials?

How many prison cells are filled with drug offenders? And how many corrections officers does it take to guard them? How much food do these convicts consume?

And when they get out, how many parole and probation officers does it take to supervise their release? And how many ex-offenders turn right around and do it again?

So how's this war on drugs going?

I've spent years lambasting the mainstream media for ignoring/mutilating our issue, yet suddenly there's so much delicious anti-prohibition opinionating out there I can’t even keep up with it. Go ahead, put me out of a job, why don’t you? I always wanted to be a wildlife photographer anyway.
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Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

Don't quit your day job quite yet.

I too am heartened by the number of main stream media figures that are talking about our issues in favorable terms. Nancy Pelosi said last summer that we need to flood congress with letters asking for reform legislation. That flood has yet to happen, my congressperson Diana DeGette D-CO-01 writes me back that she supports legalization of Marijuana I quote from her letter:

" Like you, I believe that some of our attempts to curb the abuse of drugs, including marijuana, such as spending time and resources on harsh sentences for minor offenses, have been shortsighted and inadequate. I feel that the best approach to addressing drug abuse in our country is to focus our efforts on prevention and treatment. People become addicted to drugs for a variety of reasons, therefore prevention efforts must include comprehensive educational programs that incorporate schools, family, and communities. In addition, individuals are not likely to remain off drugs unless they undergo treatment. That is why I believe it is critical for such programs to be an important part of our nation's approach to drug control. "

Her staff tells me that they have only received a handful of letters on the issue.

We, I mean reform activist are lame, we should be getting our friends and supporters to write letters by the hundreds.

[email protected]

It's going beautifully! From

It's going beautifully!

From a job creation point of view, a majority racial point of view, a covert ops funding point of view, a banking point of view, and on and on, the war on drugs is an absolute boon!

When CNN Allows This on Their Air

(CNN = Conservative News Network)

The times they are indeed a changin.

But they have not changed yet. And what is really needed is for the politicians to see, in no uncertain terms, the breadth and intensity of the opposition to their drug war. The on the fence American population needs to see that there is so much support for this change that they too can can stand up and be counted. That they are not alone.

A February 19, 2009 Rasmussen poll found 40% of Americans feel marijuana should be legalized. "40% say it should be, while 46% disagree. Fourteen percent (14%) are not sure which course is better."

How much of that undecided 14% are ours for the taking if we can show them that they are not alone. That they do not have to be afraid to get up and stand up.. Stand up for their rights.

America needs to see masses of Americans out in the streets of Washington, D. C. and our state capitals screaming at the politicians





So if you really prefer an outdoor job Scott get us out in the streets and photograph the incredible wildlife of American anti war politics.

Conservative News Network?!

Maybe CNN is conservative compared to the likes of AlterNet, but CNN is definitely 'left biased'.

Compare CNN to the 'right biased' Drudge Report and you will see a serious difference.

Sorry for going off-topic, but it would be irresponsible for me to let this pass. :-)


Lou Dobbs.


Again people are beginning to realize that without action you will not get a response. One can express all their feelings in blogs, to friends, family, etc, but until you do something nothing will happen. CALL YOUR LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS. A CALL CARRIES 10 TIMES THE REPRESENTATION OF AN EMAIL. CALL AND SAY I SUPPORT THE LEGALIZATION, TAXATION, AND REGULATION OF MARIJUANA. SAY I SUPPORT LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!


http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lee-stranahan/watch-5-benefits-to-legal_b_... This is an amazing article on the huffington post that contains a 2 part video series that explains all the injustices of marijuana prohibition. SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!!!

Police Will Shift Toward Forfeiting Non-Tangible Assets

By, Ross Wolf

Because of the high cost for U.S. Government to store and maintain seized property, such as homes, boats, planes and cars, it is problematic police increasingly will want to “civilly forfeit” non-tangible assets such as intellectual-property.

Economics will force police forfeiture operations to become more geared toward reading business faxes and emails that provide information that may implicate "non-tangible assets" being involved in crime or a violation subject to civil asset forfeiture. This will cause businesses to lobby Congress to change U.S. Government's low standard of evidence used to civilly forfeit property from a "preponderance of Evidence" to Clear and Convincing Evidence."

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