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The Drug Czar's Office Doesn't Know What to Say About Marijuana

Ever since Obama's awful attempt to duck the marijuana legalization debate last week, it's becoming increasingly clear to me that the issue of marijuana reform is a major challenge for the new administration. They aren't ready to endorse legalization, but they're equally intimidated by the rapidly growing movement to reform marijuana laws.

Another example is found at the drug czar's blog, which posted the video of Obama's statement, yet withheld any further comment on the matter. It 's a subtle, yet profound departure from the way this blog was run during the previous administration. Every post related to marijuana ended with, "Click here to learn more about how marijuana is highly f#$king toxic."

I can't prove that, though, because they deleted everything when Obama took office (which just further demonstrates that the new ONDCP is a very different creature). Considering that ONDCP's charter mandates opposition to drug policy reform efforts, their failure to actually even applaud Obama's statement against marijuana legalization is remarkably tame.  

It almost feels like we're running out of people to argue with.
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corupt police

i just hope police dont kill our president .im afraid if he trys to legalize they will murder him like they did jfk .these crimnals will do any thing to protect thier cash cow.if they do im sure revolution is next .damm these cowards posing as public servants

Wrong Target

The cops are more likely to shoot you than Obama, whether you smoke pot or not.

Keeping the criminals in charge.

My question for the ONDCP, is why do our "officials" seem bent on keeping criminals in charge? And anything short of complete legalization, will continue this absurdity. But, our "officials" and prohibitionists, will cry and moan about protecting our youth. Does this mean that I should put the care and feeding of my 12 yr old daughter into the hands of criminals? As corrupt and impotent as the authorities seem to be, they are still preferable to criminals. And here in Arkansas, kids as young as 12 and 13, can buy booze and dope easier than a pack of "Marlboros". Oh yeah, did I mention we still have booze prohibition, in many counties here? But then Arkansas, is at least fifty years behind the rest of the country.

J.D. Lape' Monticello, Arkansas 71655

Complacency is a Killer

Complacency will kill a political movement faster than opposition.

Now is the time to reaffirm and redouble the reform effort. The more pressure put on this administration the more they will have to back peddle away from their own mouths and that is that much more they will be forced to rethink their own intractable positions.

We need to be putting on the pressure at every opportunity. I am writing and faxing letters to congressional committees 2-3 a week now. I was surprised to read that my Republican senator, Arlen Specter, is a supporter of Sen. Webb's sentencing reform legislation. I can only hope that my aggressive and unstoppable missives to Specter have helped him to see alternatives to his lifetime of prohibitionist intolerance.

The shit is hitting the fan. He can stand in front of it, catch the breeze until we take the shit square in the face or we can get onto the hub and throw the shit ourselves at the drug warriors who have had exclusive rights to throwing the shit for four decades. Its our choice. Complacency is the path to shit in the face. Loud and proud advocacy is the pitch to home plate.





Mike R

Marijuana is a threat to far too many of the main-stay industries in the USA. First and foremost is pharmaceuticals followed by law enforcement, corrections, alcohol, tobacco, oil, lumbering and textiles - to name a few. We need people to expose where the money is coming from and who's accepting it. There is no other rational reason for any elected official to support prohibition.

The claims of sending children the wrong message, preventing drug-related violence. protecting us from stoned drivers and the gateway effect are know now for what they really are - garbage. We couldn't possibly do better to protect our children than to eliminate the black market by legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana sales. We would eliminate a lot of cartel violence by putting them out of business with a legal system of distribution. As far as marijuana-related accidents are concerned, don't you think the propaganda nazi's would have been jumping all over this in the media for years now if it were really an issue? You know, there are quite a few smokers running around out there.

And the dreaded, epheremal, socio-emotional phenomonon known as the gateway effect? Everyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the 1st drug anyone ever does is alcohol. Are they all destined to become heroine addicts? Doubtful. What DOES appear to lead to harder drugs is smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol regularly as a child.

Legalize it, regulate it, tax it.


SPREAD THIS LIKE WILD FIRE!! This is an amazing article on the huffington post that contains a 2 part video series that explains all the injustices of marijuana prohibition. SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!!!


ummmm... Why does the ONDCP blog accept comments on the story? It's like their not even intended to be published, but for internal use...

why would they want to

why would they want to legalize marijuana anyway?

do they want to see our children grow up smoking juana?


Actually kids are doing just that, at the hands of drug dealers. They don't card! Kids get drugs easier at school than they can booze or cigarettes!

And, other than stopping the killing involved in Mexico; millions of dollars going to the Mexican (MOB) cartels; the decreased availability of drugs to our kids; growing of industrial hemp as a good plant that has a myriad of uses( we now import and pay for), decreased gang turf wars; decrease in money spent on imprisoning cannabis users; increased benefit of not ruining so many lives with mandatory sentencing and felony charges, allowing for their productive return to a normal life; treatment of a multitude of medical ailments; decreased expense of not arresting and processing all of those cannabis smokers; decreased use of military style raids on non-violent drug offenders, that kill innocents, a 92 year old among them, and end up in unneeded police deaths, lives ruined; increasing the ability of our doctors to treat us as they see fit, unhindered by the DEA; better, truthful, drug education, that could keep kids from ever trying drugs(it worked for cigarettes).

I suspect many more benefits are awaiting us, who dare to think out of the box.

Medical Marijuana in Oregon is about to provide leftover stems

for opening composite lumber,fiber board,paper,and fabric mills. This allows for thrift by allowing more medicinal/entheogenic cannabis to be grown for more than just the potent buds. This is how jobs are created and kept going. High potency medical cannabis high in thc provides the same fiber hemp as the low potency strains but has superior strength and durability when allowed to grow huge(some high potency thc strains can reach 30 feet tall and wide). In Oregon the politicians and police which operate the war against drugs are proven to sponsor terrorism and are no longer allowed to be labeled as police or politicians,as their industrial espionage they used to prohibit our cannabis jobs has been proven to be stock market based corporate fraud which installs terrorists to pose as law enforcers. Its good that our jobs are being restored and the terrorists which fraudulently prohibited them are being removed. blessings and love to all see ya on the organic farms and in the new mills

I'm voting for Barry Cooper - Reason, Compassion, Justice!

Barry Cooper is running for Texas Attorney General, as a Libertarian.

He intends to enforce the US and Texas Constitution, which means enforceing jury rights, which means...

Before every trial, jurors would be informed of their right to vote "not guilty" if they personally disagree with the law,
as a matter of conscience.



Barry's campaign site will be up within the month. (There was a setback, when the DEA kept getting cowardly payment processors to renege on their agreements to process Barry's DVD sales transactions, citing "Terms of Service" violations) ...HE HAS THEM SCARED!

--Please copy this post, take credit for it, and spread it far and wide. The message of freedom is a viral meme, if we want it to be!

Copyleft (L) :D ...Peace!

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