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Police Kill Really Small Dog, Claim it Threatened Them

This is getting really out of hand. What kind of cop is scared of a Jack Russell terrier?

HALTOM CITY — An internal investigation is under way after a Haltom City police officer fatally shot a Jack Russell terrier Monday afternoon while officers were serving a search warrant.

The officer, who was not identified, remained on duty, police said Friday.

But family members at the house where the shooting occurred said Friday that Willy, the 40-pound terrier, never attacked the officer. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Ok, obviously there’s some sort of major misunderstanding going on here, because the number of household pets being killed by police has gone from alarming to inconceivably, mindblowingly outrageous and intolerable. Of course, police are heroes who would never kill animals just to be mean (only sociopaths are cruel to animals), so the answer must be that police are disproportionately terrified of dogs.

Cynophobia is the clinical name for an abnormal fear of dogs, i.e., a specific phobia related to dogs. The dog is a domesticated superpredator; this in combination with increasing media coverage of dog attacks could be contributing factors for development of this fear.

A 1992 study of cynophobia among children and adults [1] reported that actually experiencing dog attacks does contribute to cynophobia. [Wikipedia]

So if your job often involves going around yelling and stomping your way into people’s houses, you’re disproportionately at risk for unpleasant dog encounters. Horror stories of rookies getting their nuts bit off are surely passed down within the ranks, resulting in a climate of hostility towards the canine species.

So, at the risk of sounding condescending, let’s just clarify a few things:

1. Dogs bark at everyone. It doesn’t mean they’re challenging your authority.
2. Many species of dogs are really weak. These can usually be identified by their small size. Don’t assume that all dogs are as vicious as the ones at the police station.
3. No police officer has ever been killed by a dog (I tried googling it and mostly just found stories of dogs being killed by police).  
4. Dog bites can be effectively treated through the miracles of modern science. Shooting guns indoors is generally much more dangerous.

I apologize to the many brave men and women in law enforcement who aren’t terrified of small dogs. This is embarrassing, I know, but we’ve got to get this out in the open so we can move on.
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Prohibition kills

Say whatever you like about the merits of killing dogs in a drug raid, the constant truth is that prohibition kills and harms everyone. We all know of families (including dogs) that have been harmed by police tactics related to enforcing prohibition laws. We all know police families that have been harmed by prohibition-related police activities.

Please consider taking our concerns to the polls in November and continue to advocate for a sensible drug policy for our countries. Find ways to undo the harm that prohibition has levied on our families and our lives.

"Help! Police!" hahaha

"You cry if police do not come to save you. . . but don't call a cop if you don't want mistakes."

It's kind of cute the way cops think that anyone who has had an encounter lately with the criminally insane cops would actually call them for "help!" Are you kidding? (btw, If you have had an encounter with the Costumed Security Guards for the Empire [and you know how they are], and you have a security system that goes to the police dept., you might want to disconnect it. If you forget to disarm it and the police are alerted, you might be tased or brutalized; they don't believe it's your house. If you are not at home and the police are alerted, they will kill your dogs, go through your stuff, and you might wind up in jail.)

Kops killing dawgs is a form of psychological warfare they use on their enemies (us). That's why they do it. (Plus to them, it's just fun.) The government has declared War on Americans and the police are their enforcers. They are trained (sometimes by homeland security) to look at each person as if he were a terrorist until he proves otherwise, which never happens. Look at the way they treat women. (Since that case, five other women and three teenage girls have come forward and said the same thing happened to them. The cops in Starke County Ohio are serial sexual predators.) They are recruited from veterans returning from Iraq, so it's Abu Ghraib one day, your living room the next.

It sounds like some here may have gone through a drug raid; it is frightening because the cops have the emotional stability of a hysterical woman and the discipline of Barney Fife. I haven't been through that but I have experienced the new "routine" traffic stop. Oh, I know! "Obey the laws and you won't get stopped -- it's as simple as that." Not really. I was stopped for a "suspicious vehicle." (Yeah. Cars to them can look suspicious). Yeah, go ahead and ask him what he means; they no longer feel the need to answer. This gives them a sense of superiority and power; it makes them feel like a man. And if you are a woman, be prepared -- before the encounter is over, you will probably be thrown to the ground. That also makes them feel manly, and pretty much is what passes for a normal sex life for them.

See Wikipedia's entry for "psychopath." At least one percent of the population are psychopaths; they are overrepresented in politics and law enforcement. (And serial killers.) What's the difference between Bush and Ted Bundy? Well, really, nothing; both are (or were) republicans. That's why you see no conscience, no remorse. How many kops does it take to subdue a 6-yr-old boy? Three, if they have a taser. An eight month pregnant woman? One, if she's sitting down and he has a taser.

Dude really.

Hey buddy I also have a lot police officer friends and most of them train with me in mma (mixed martial art). I know a couple that fight professionally, and would destroy you in the ring or octagon. Same for myself hot shot, I would destroy you in the ring, either by knockout or submision (arm bar, kemora, rear naked, leg lock you name it so stop trying to act hard, cause most cops would kick your a$$,

Every time I had occasion to

Every time I had occasion to call the police I would lock my dog in the car just for this reason. A raid is a different story and I know my dog would probably be shot because it's natural for a dog to alarm the owner and protect his territory from intruders. We live in a different world now, call it a police state if you like and hang on for the ride.

this is why if a cop shoots

this is why if a cop shoots my dog, i'll shoot the cop right back. maybe I'll shoot a couple to teach a lesson. i won't do it right away. i figure i'll hunt a few.

Yeah I hope you do moron.

Yeah If you were to shoot a police officer, your stupid but is going to end up in jail, and convicted for capital murder. Your a idiot and while u await for the lethal injection, I would laugh at your dumb a$$, with no remorse.

You Guys Just don't Understand

The reason why swat killed this particualr dog is not because they hate them, or for that matter felt threatened. Rather ,they are trained and focused to eliminate anyone and anything that stands in their way.

Unfortunte to say, Jack Russells are wiry and fast, unable to be caught. I'm sure a swat team member may have attempted to push him aside, numerous times, but the jack Russell's pestering personality may have caused his own demise.

Reply to you guys just don't understand.

I think everyone DOES understand explicitly. They killed a dog because they could with absolutely no consequences and none of that pesky paperwork they would have to fill out if they shot one of the humans in the scenario.

Killing dogs just got easier.

dog killers

They killed that dog because they have no conscience and don't look upon a dog as anything more than a potted plant.  They don't care that the dog is a living, breathing being loved by his family like a family member, and is considered part of the family by most people.  These swine have no feelings.  Often you'll hear the comment from their superior 'officer so and so has a dog of his own'- well, if he did, and he actually cared about it, he couldn't shoot a dog so easily, and murder one the way Officer Fisk did at the Adams Morgan Festival in DC.  That was one of the most brutal dog killing on record, witnessed by dozens of people, including small children.  Yet this baboon behaved in a way that would put a citizen who is not a cop in jail for animal cruelty for YEARS.  Hopefully, that will happen to that beast. I live on a street where literally every house has a dog, and the only mean one belongs to a cop (only a fool would go near that beast).  These trigger happy, power mad cops simply don't care about the people they are supposed to serve, or anyone else.  I grew up respecting cops (my uncle was one and I lived in a small town where I knew all of them), but nowadays I have nothing but contempt for most of them.  The attitude I've run into since I moved into this city has given me a new outlook, and our local ACO is also a gun happy police officer who seems to enjoy shooting dogs.  They make me sick. 

Also, though Jack Russells are 'wiry and fast', they are not 'unable to be caught'!  The ONLY thing that idiot cop was interested in catching the dog with was a bullet!  Stop making excuses for bullies with badges who simply enjoy the act of killing, then exaggerate the size of a small dog to make it sound like the dog was almost 4 times its size and a real threat!  The very definition of a bully is a coward: cops that shoot dogs are nothing more than bullies with badges.  Murderers.  Serial killers abuse animals before they begin killing people.  These cops have the best of both worlds from their sick perspective.

If they truly cared about NOT killing dogs and the people the public at large, they would use pepper spray and / or tasers.  Pepper spray works well for mailmen, who DON'T carry guns, get bitten or kill dogs.  It just takes common sense and a heart.

Big Mouth No Guts

Referring to "this is why if a cop shoots". Yeah big mouth, lets see u shoot a cop. And once u do, let the media and the nation know why u did it.

Your sorry ass more than likely has had a run-in with the law and now u feel u need to vent. you stand no chance big mouth. Proove to the world your stupidity.

   Pleas dont do that. We

   Pleas dont do that. We under stand why you would do these killing but it wont help. Revenge killing is real bad.Yes it is true a lot of cops kill pets just because the owner enjoy cannabis. In the bible it says there is a time for war. And yes one day it will come to that. Police state we are in now. Just Waite when they start to make cannabis  legalize then u will see a lot more killing of pets and persons.

Photo pillow

I guess the author could have posted a photo of dog on pillow.

Yeah I hope the Moron does too

Yeah go ahead big mouth,shoot a cop. then let the media and the nation know why u did it. You more than likely had a run-in with the law and now u need to vent. Go for it A-hole, proove to the world your stupidity.

more dog killing

2010 On a tip from a man's neighbor, SWAT cops in Missouri broke into a family's home in the middle of the night looking for pot.
They shot and killed a pit bull, and injured a corgi. Both were family pets, and there is good reason to believe they were either crated, or behind a gate in the kitchen. Cops found only a very small amt of pot. OOPS!...
Paramilitary raids into citizens homes in the middle of the night(is this Iraq or Nazi Germany?)...many of these raids are in error....cops killing pets-- Labs (one running away!), Jack Russells, and other pets...despicable!
Growing up, I always admired and respected the police. The police I knew were friendly and professional. They never swore at the citizens they were arresting or ticketing. They were never aggressive. They would have NEVER shot a family pet unless it was because they were being attacked (threatening posture from the dog or barking would not have been a good enough excuse.)
What's happened to the cops? They've become sadistic, unprofessional power mongers, who seem to have a negative, black and white view of the world and consider the general public to be the enemy. They are rarely, if ever, held accountable for killing the family dogs or even innocent people...because they always have a lame excuse and there's always an "internal investigation". Doesn't everyone wish they could investigate their own errors? We'd all find ourselves innocent, too!
who will protect US from our "protectors"?

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