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Cop Fired For Choking Marijuana Suspect

See!? There really is accountability in the war on drugs. All you have to do is get video of a cop nearly killing a guy over a petty misdemeanor. Seriously though, as rare as this is, it does send an important message that there can be consequences for police who use excessive force against peaceful suspects:

MT. JULIET, Tenn. (AP) - A Tennessee police officer has pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault charges after he was caught on video using a chokehold on a man suspected of hiding marijuana in his mouth.

An attorney for Cpl. William Cosby says he pleaded not guilty Thursday.

A lawyer for the city of Mt. Juliet, about 20 miles east of Nashville, says Cosby has been fired.

Cosby's attorney, Chuck Ward, says the decision to fire Cosby shows the city believes him to be "guilty until proven innocent."

Video from a city police car shows Cosby using a chokehold on 26-year-old James Lawrence Anders Jr. during an April traffic stop. The video then shows Anders passing out.

Charges including marijuana possession were later dropped. Anders is suing over the incident.

The story went out on AP and was covered in several news outlets. One thing that remains unclear to me is whether the suspect ever even had any marijuana. If anyone can locate additional coverage or the actual video, please send it to me.

                                                                                                                                                                           [Thanks, Nate]

Update: That was fast. You can watch the video here. There was no marijuana in the suspect's mouth and he tested negative for marijuana use. Thanks, Zane. 

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Thank God...

I'm glad this madman was fired before he really hurt someone! Still, this doesn't convince me that the police can actually police themselves...

new video


Cops Gone Wild. There`s too much footage of bad "drug bust`" out there for there not to be a "Cops Gone Wild" video. Come on people.

Lucky there was a video

Lucky there was a video rolling. Most people aren’t so fortunate. Look what happened to this poor guy. www.

It’s much harder to hold police accountable when they abuse us than it should be considering we’re the ones who pay them. Their abuses get more blatant every day.

i think...

i think you should make "can be" appear in italics.


I hope this cop loses his job and his right to ever be involved in public service again. I also hope he gets sued into poverty.

a cops job should be to

a cops job should be to serve and protect, not choke someone to death for eating herbs!

Too much!

Way over the line. And the kicker is the guy didn't even have pot on him or in his system. The city of Mt Juliet is going to be on the hook for a large settlement payment.

Why Do They Do it

Maybe the guy just looked like a dealer and provoked the policeman.

The policeman needs anger management classes.


These type of police are the

These type of police are the worst, absolutely slimely scum./ bullies with a badge
there are way too many of them. Usually they move to another town and start all over. It should be made a project to keep up with where these lowlifes move to and make their lives as miserable as possible.

No justice here --

If a civilian did that to a cop, the charges would be attempted first degree murder.

I wonder how long it will be before this jackass is on another police force?


I just viewed the video. What about the other cop, he assisted? And the new chief and his comments....sounds like he needs to be replaced immediately. The police in this whole country seem to be going wild with this a Bush influnce??? This war on drugs is getting way outta control!! Look at all the people being killed by police too! And they call this country "the land of the free"...what a joke!


They should casterate all cops , what a discrace to the human race, they are worse then the criminals

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