Canada's NDP,here and then gone

I had been receiving mail from the NDP for over a year and always included a request for a stand on the war on drugs and marijuana legalization.Last week I was told that the party supported marijuana legalization and an end to prison as the answer to drug (in a letter)enforcement.Tonight,the party leader denied any such thing and accepted the resignations of two candidates with marijuana reform pasts.It is obvious what has gone on here.They are attempting to enlist people from the legalization movement and denying any ties when the subject is brought to light.Such cowardice is the reason the war on drugs is still going strong.Parties like the ruling conservatives come out in favor of harsher punishment and a more draconian approach and those that want the war ended are too afraid to say so.Stephen Harper is the most anti drug politician ever.He denies all the science and relies on biblical morality to form his drug policy.Giuliani's recent trip here is no coincidence.We are in the middle of a very close election and the party that usually opposes the Harper right is is ruins.It's leader is confused and speaks unintelligible English.To top it off he's most unpopular in french Quebec.He's also pushing a carbon tax at a time we have all time high fuel costs and a crashing economy.Brilliant.I would encourage any Canadians that read this missive to go to facebook and sign up to the vote transfer site and send your vote to a location where it has the best chance of electing a Green party candidate.Do this by agreeing to vote either Liberal or NDP in your riding.For pot smokers this election is the most vital in all my years(43)of voting.The major media is running horror stories on drugs.Tonight they ran one on the danger of your dog dying from exposure to pot.Does anyone know if this has ever happened.I would love to be able to expose this as another Canwest Global lie.
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Not my dog

My dog loves pot and it seems to relax him. I always blow a little smoke his way and he waits for it with big eyes. I've been smoking pot since the late 60s and never heard of any bad reaction for a dog who likes pot.

Canadian opposition needs to cooperate against Harper

"Meaner than Bush" Harper will probably win again, not because the majority of Canadians support him but because the 4 other parties, all to the left of Harper on economic and social issues, will splinter the opposition vote. It doesn't have to be that way, they can vote strategically by voting for the strongest opposition candidate in their district, or by doing a vote transfer as sicntired suggests.

O....... K...........

Hmmmmmmmm............... Humans are mammals, aka...... warm-blooded creatures, with lungs, an internal skeletal system and protein/fatty based metabolisms
Marijuana has never killed anyone through overdose, and I can't really think of a single human death that was caused by marijuana itself.

Dogs....... are mammals........ are therefore warm blooded, and most likely like us, have lungs (I've seen their abdomens rising and falling). have an internal skeletal system (believe me, you'll know this if you have a Golden Lab, or something about that size, that "thinks" its a lap-dog). And yes, they too have protein/fatty based metabolisms (otherwise we'd better start buying them lots of veggies, Im sure they'd like that.....).

Bottom line is Stephen Harper and the rest of the bible-junkies that make of his Conservative party are full of shit.
I have had pets before that would follow me into my toke room, on purpose, because they knew they'd get hot boxed.... Hundreds of times each, and they were just fine.

Maybe they just forgot to mention that the dog got the munchies, thought a rubber T-Bone toy on the ground was a real steak or atleast looked damn good, and the poor bugger choked on the toy.

People if your goona toke up your pets.... Remember they get the munchies too........ Feed them some food after they smoke with you.

God.... damn................. Conservatives only look dumber to me everyday.

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