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B.C. pharmacists given prescribing powers by provincial government.

Perhaps I will now be able to get some benefit from my prescriptions as everyone but my doctor understands the two are contraindicated.It will also eliminate the need to see the doctor to renew the same prescription that never changes but allows him to collect 171000 dollars yearly for the writing of them.(I checked this out with the help of a friend with better computer powers than myself)I see two doctors once a month for the same prescriptions year after year.If the pharmacist could rewrite the renewals as the new law states,it will save the government medical program a small fortune.If the pharmacist can allow me to take the medications as needed instead of together,canceling each other out,it would be a godsend.It is still unclear how far these new powers will go but the medical community is up in arms so it must be a pretty good system. Anything that reduces the doctors monopoly can only be a good thing. Having the people in a position to find errors now able to correct them is also a good thing. Aside from the doctors fearing a loss of income,there is no real contention over this bill. The doctors,however,are a powerful lobby and will be willing to take out the stops in order to prevent this. They will argue it's out of concern for their patients but this is such a transparent lie that it should be forgotten right at the start.Change always comes slowly and with pain to some group.In this case the group can afford it and have been with holding proper treatment out of fear for so long that it could well be karma coming back home.
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Right On!

I'd like to see something like this implemented in the US. A lot of the times, you Canadians are WAY ahead of us!

I wouldn't say too far ahead though...

State after state in your country are repealing their ill-fated prohibitionist attitudes towards medicinal marijuana, and either legalizing or decriminalizing it.
Here in Canada, although we are just around the corner from a Federal election, our Conservative Party (think of them as cousin's of the Republican Evangelists), want to pass laws regarding mandatory minimums for the growing of even one marijuana plant. 6 months because you grew enough pot to enable you a matter of a week at most, of pain relief.
It's amazing, because this prohibition is lobbied into power by supposed companies of medicine (their called Pharmaceutical companies), and most likely it is so they can maintain their grip on a society of willing hypochondriacs, who are willing to believe that anything they have a pill for must be a real disease.
The drug war is really a money driven agenda, that serves nothing but Pharmaceutical companies in maintaining a death-grip monopoly on human freedom of choice. This includes the choice to believe that everyone is healthy.

According to the pharmaceutical companies, we all have diseases that they have just the cure/treatment for. And when we buy into that crap, and take their man-made drugs, those drugs that are "oh-so-safe" only cause new "diseases" and side-effects.
Your kids are no longer high strung, and needing a firm parents hand to guide them. Nopers, they have ADHD, and you as a parent cannot help them (according to the pharma-companies), but somehow this mysterious pill that contains an amphetamine, like Ritalin, can?
This is not a "War on Drugs"..... it is a war between drug industries. And the pharmaceutical companies don't one anyone invading on their monopoly of Amphetamine and Barbituate manufacturing. Its legal for them but not for you........
Plain and simple...... North American society is a Hypocracy, not a Democracy.


that shit is so true it makes me fucking sick to see the political bullshiters get away with all there filthy dirty deeds we need to boot everyone of them out and try it or something else

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