Don't Worry, It's Just a Grenade Attack in Your Neighborhood

Frightening headlines documenting Mexico’s surging drug trade violence can be found on a daily basis, and they tell the true story of drug prohibition about as succinctly as anyone could ask for:

Mexican grenade attack shows no one is safe

MORELIA, Mexico (AP) — The message was clear when two explosions ripped through crowds of Mexican Independence Day revelers: Anyone, anywhere, is fair game when it comes to Mexico's intensifying violence.

Most killings have been drug-related, prompting [President] Calderon to send more than 25,000 soldiers to cartel strongholds across the country. Gangs have only responded with more violence: buying police protection, killing those who can't be bought or forcing entire units to resign in fear.

Calderon, though, has refused to back down. After Monday night's attacks, he urged Mexicans to not be afraid. [AP]

What part of "Mexican grenade attack shows no one is safe" doesn’t he understand? Let’s review:

Option 1 - Drug Prohibition:
No one is safe. You could get blown up anywhere, anytime and you won’t even see it coming.

Option 2 - No Drug Prohibition: Everyone is safe, as long as they don’t voluntarily poison themselves.

Isn’t the better choice obvious?
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Don't worry,

here in the good ol' USA, the cops are the ones with the grenades. And the tanks. And the assault rifles. Why get blown up just anywhere, when you can do it at home?

Re: Don't worry

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to be used as taser toys and target practice in your own home these days. I think Justice Scallia or Rehnquist and his Ilk for endorsing the wholesale robbery of drug users/dealers through forfeitures and now deadly force comes no-knocking into our homes here in the land of the free.

It seems to be routine for DEA or Swat raids shooting the dog(s) to get a laugh or warmed up now, maybe shooting and killing the woman and wounding the baby in her arms in the process in places like Lima, Ohio. It almost laughable that they claim to be protecting the children while holding loaded weapons to the heads of young children which have on occasion discharged into them.

"We didn't use a grenade because we knew there were kids" said the Police Chief...No the SWAT team just emptied several clips into the dogs killing kids mother and wounding the kid in her arms. Lot's of other sad stories, plenty of local SWAT yahoos available on uncle sams payroll to go collect that 25% or so of their budget, your dollars mean there pennies. Yep no shortages unfortunately...

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