Anti-Marijuana Crusaders Caught Violating Campaign Laws

We already know marijuana prohibition is a fraud, so it should come as no surprise that the people fighting to protect prohibition cannot be trusted to obey the law themselves.

The Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy’s campaign to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana in Massachusetts has driven drug-thirsty prosecutors over the edge, prompting blatant lawbreaking by the exact people sworn to uphold the state’s laws (via MPP email):

*  Under Massachusetts law, it is illegal to solicit, receive, or spend funds to support or oppose a ballot initiative without first forming a political committee. CSMP has from its inception followed all of these rules, but the district attorneys solicited, received, and spent donations before they were legally allowed to -- blatantly ignoring state law in a cynical attempt to conceal their campaign activity for as long as they could, undermining the very laws they have sworn to uphold.

*  Additionally, the district attorneys used public funds to post and house a statement urging voters to reject the decriminalization initiative on its Web site ... clear, indisputable violation of Massachusetts election law, which prohibits public officials from using public resources to advocate for or against a ballot initiative.

*  What's more, this illegal statement -- itself an abuse of public office and taxpayer resources -- is riddled with bald-faced lies ... like the claim that the initiative would permit any person to carry and use marijuana at any time. In reality, the measure simply changes the type of penalty for possession of less than an ounce and specifically reiterates that public use remains illegal.

Unsurprisingly, lying and cheating have become the last resort of the desperate drug war faithful. They have no legitimate arguments and the polls show them losing badly, so you can bet they’ll try anything.

One could never overstate the extent to which these hardened drug war prosecutors believe the law is theirs to toy with. It is their precious little plaything, a personal possession to be molded and manipulated until it fits just right. That very same mentality also explains why they love marijuana laws, which can be cast casually aside or brought crashing down with righteous ferocity.

Indeed, the very notion of a democratically-enforced public morality that trumps prosecutorial discretion is an affront to their world. That’s why they’d sooner break campaign laws that serve the public interest than risk the reform of marijuana laws that serve no interests but their own.
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The only way we will be able to appeal to anyone is facts not opinions. The facts weigh much more than opinions. We cannot stoop to that level of pointless attacks and arguments anymore. They will not break any barriers and cause many grudges. It will just waste time essentially.

People are not educated on the truth of marijuana. They need it simple and plain without stereotypes and misconceptions. Generally we could be seen as very bad people if we present ourselves slightly off the path because the general idea is that marijuana is a "drug" and people that do "drugs" are socially inept. The only way to win a debate is to be honest and cool headed. Tell people the truth without opinions so they can learn.

This is not a playground anymore and we don't have time for recess. It's going to get worse before it gets better. They will put up a hell of a fight before we can move on so all these opinions will not be steps on the path to awareness. It really just depends on how much you love and feel that this is the right thing and if it is worth being patient to allow people a chance to finally understand.

The Drug War—A Bridge to Nowhere

In what should be an otherwise trivial matter of relaxing a few cannabis laws, the election subterfuge and lawbreaking we’re seeing on the part of the Massachusetts prosecutors gives us insight into the hysterically perverse phenomenon known as authoritarianism.

Vanity makes the authoritarian personality believe that professional rules of government conduct apply only to someone of a lesser moral status, a sub-class of humans which can include just about everyone but them.  They think they and their glorious mission are superior to the very U.S. Constitution they may be charged to protect.  Cutting legal corners is just part of getting things done.  As it turns out, it becomes their Achilles heel.

Famous authoritarians include former prosecutor G. Gordon Liddy.  Liddy built a law career by busting Timothy Leary for being a drug guru.  Confirming his authoritarian stripes, Liddy then blew off his career by burglarizing the Watergate Hotel for Richard Nixon.  It’s a common pattern.

Another trait associated with the authoritarian—as well as the totalitarian dictator—is the deluded belief that anything is possible, and therefore anything goes.  Authoritarian fiascos based on this idea have produced artillery wars and genocides.

The belief that anything is possible supports waging a drug war supposedly dedicated to eliminating illicit drug use by otherwise law abiding citizens.  Citizens are promised a drug free society as if there are no adverse consequences to that goal.  When seen in the true light of day, the drug war is something very different from that advertised by drug warriors.  It is a war that creates what it claims to prevent, a war that subsequently fails to achieve its benchmarks, and a war that proves itself useful largely to racists, profiteers, petty tyrants and prosecutors.

No mere slap on the wrist will suffice for the kinds of authoritarian frauds and crooks one might stumble upon in the dingy world of politics and law enforcement.  If the law is to mean anything within the hallowed halls of state and federal governments, the Massachusetts prosecutors must be prosecuted.



Well said.


Very aptly put.


what a joke you druggies are

Go try this in another state. Massachusetts takes no crap.


Last I checked, this was polling quite favorably. Apparently, your views don't represent the people of Massachusetts. Think about that.

"Agreed "and more ...

..."exactly", authoritarians can never, ever, ever, admit they are wrong.That would tend to diminish their self perceived authoritah. You are the "joke", Mr. Crap. This is not about "druggies". It's about justice, And this type of justice has been successfully implemented in a number of other states. Mass. is NEXT.

district attorneys

These guy's love the drug war and because they love it the gloves are off. They get a lot of action and get to apply thier craft.

If these guys ever get their way civil rights will be nothing but a memory. No, it comes as no surprise to me thst these guy's are "cuting a few corners".

Too much to lose

You never know when you'll need a new car or a nice home for the kids.These people have been partying like it's1999 for so long they just can't bear the thought of having to pay real money for such toys.Far better to find what you need and then bust some doper and take whatever you need.Not that these prosecutors would stoop to such tactics.They obviously break enough laws already.


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