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Drug courts show their true colors

Submitted by David Borden on
Vancouver introduced it's first clone of Gulianni's infamous drug court with much fan fare and lots of speeches and politicians there for photo ops.The first thing I noticed was that to qualify for diversion to the drug (community)court you have to agree to plead guilty.That sounds really fair.The court system is already set up to put pressure on people to accept a plea for a lesser sentence and it is often such a crap shoot that people who have experienced the system before know it's easier and less risk to cop a plea even if you feel you're innocent.This just adds to the pressure,specially for a drug addict who just wants out to make themselves well,they'll agree to anything.I was afraid these courts were going to be a really long step backwards and it looks like that's just what they are.While these courts may work for young people who probably will,for the most part not even need treatment.They will be a disaster for hard core addicts who will quickly be shunted back to the regular court system with what will no doubt be extra punishment for failing.Regardless,the idea is going totally in the wrong direction.The very idea is saying that a drug free world is the goal and we all know what that leads to.The most open city in NA is sliding slowly back into the dark ages before the four pillars were introduced .Both main mayoral candidates are talking tough on the drug issue and that does not bode well for the city or it's poor and addicted.

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