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Drug courts show their true colors

Vancouver introduced it's first clone of Gulianni's infamous drug court with much fan fare and lots of speeches and politicians there for photo ops.The first thing I noticed was that to qualify for diversion to the drug (community)court you have to agree to plead guilty.That sounds really fair.The court system is already set up to put pressure on people to accept a plea for a lesser sentence and it is often such a crap shoot that people who have experienced the system before know it's easier and less risk to cop a plea even if you feel you're innocent.This just adds to the pressure,specially for a drug addict who just wants out to make themselves well,they'll agree to anything.I was afraid these courts were going to be a really long step backwards and it looks like that's just what they are.While these courts may work for young people who probably will,for the most part not even need treatment.They will be a disaster for hard core addicts who will quickly be shunted back to the regular court system with what will no doubt be extra punishment for failing.Regardless,the idea is going totally in the wrong direction.The very idea is saying that a drug free world is the goal and we all know what that leads to.The most open city in NA is sliding slowly back into the dark ages before the four pillars were introduced .Both main mayoral candidates are talking tough on the drug issue and that does not bode well for the city or it's poor and addicted.
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Drug courts are a farce!

I have a sister presently enduring "drug court," and I quickly realized that the TRUE mission of "drug court" is to MAKE MONEY FOR THE STATE, not to help "addicts!!!" Charged with possession of marijuana, she quickly plead guilty and signed away her civil liberties in order to avoid a lengthy jail sentence (we live in Georgia, home of the bible and punishment.)

Now, she is wishing she hadn't done so! The travesty of this system became quickly apparent. She has been in the program for four months now, and has spent 70 days in jail. She has never failed a drug test, either. Furthermore, guess who PAYS for her to stay in jail? I do! It costs me $150 a week for her to live in jail (who has to pay to be in jail?), in addition to having to drive her to mandatory christian faith-based "recovery" meeting 6 days a week! She is an atheist, and I am employed!

Guess what though - if I don't pay, she can't move to the next "level of success," as they call it. Every time she has landed a job, they have thrown her in jail for not doing so "quickly" enough. She lost her original job after being arrested for possession of marijuana. That said, it's pretty hard to get a job when she is mandated to inform ANY and EVERY potential employer that she is in "drug court" and must use that potential employer's phone to call the court to inform them of her arrival and departure, every time she fills out an application. Who wants to deal with that as an employer? I wouldn't! That is clearly going to bias any employer against a person!

And what of her daughter? She never sees her mother anymore, I am raising her now. How does this HELP families?

When she asked about getting out of the program, the judge told her that "she would be sorry!" and would face three times the sentence she would have faced if she had skipped this kangaroo court all together. And that same judge is the one who would sentence her. Remember, she's already pled guilty, so she doesn't have a leg to stand on. It is clear to me that these programs set people up for failure in order to make MORE MONEY!!! If they really wanted to help, they would assist people in GETTING JOBS, not make it 10 times more difficult to do so!!! They wouldn't punish entire families, both emotionally and financially for ONE PERSON'S so-called crime of smoking cannabis.

When it became clear that the prisons were overburdened with drug offenders, they decided this strategy would be viewed as "helpful" while allowing the state to maintain it's income of "drug money." Make no mistake, drug court is simply the same old "Drug War" tactics with a new, misleading name. If you or a family member are ever offered a slot in drug court, you should do some hard thinking before accepting it (I HIGHLY recommend you don't, I beg you, GET A LAWYER, not a public pretender!)

The only good to come out of these "drug courts" is that it is opening people's eyes to the injustice and fultility of our "Drug War." Even my elderly parents can't believe how counterproductive and uneccessarily punitive this farcical "drug court" is. Slowly, one by one, the tide is turning against those who have shredded our civil liberties and ruined countless lives in foolish attempts to "save us from ourselves." Guess what, "drug money court..." Leave me and my family alone and we will take care of ourselves!!!

georgia sucks

feds need to look at court system there .most judges and lawers there end up in jail themselves .nothing but bible totin crimnals running a huge money making scam .wtf

For most people,

drug court is just a longer, slower, road to prison.

Tallapoosa circuit is the same........

Our drug court encompassing Haralson County is much the same. The sanctioning is inconsistant depending on whether or not the judge likes you and the counselors are recovering addicts themselves.They provide no positive influence on your life and recovery at all, focusing their energy on negativity and fear of failure.The atmosphere they provide leads only to deception to complete the program and/or relapse. I know attorneys who advise ALL their clients to avoid this drug court.If that is the case there must be some truth to our posts.I am sure that it is about money seeing as drug court costs the state around 1/10th of what imprisonment costs.As tax payers we should have a voice on whether or not we have a drug court.

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