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If the Drug War Makes Sense to You, Nothing Else Will

Terrorism blogger Douglas Farah doesn’t understand why South American nations aren’t more excited about cooperating with the U.S. war on drugs:

So, after 30 years, on a political level there is no consensus that combatting drug trafficking is in the interest of most nations. Given the level of corruption, violence and social disintegration the criminal activities inevitably bring, such a conclusion by national leaders (backed, it seems, by the large majority of the population) is not easily understood.

Really? I know a lot of people have trouble with this, but it’s not that complicated. Widespread "corruption, violence and social disintegration" are caused by the war on drugs. Nothing could be more obvious to those living on the front lines of the drug war battlefield. There was no problem until we showed up. They probably assume there will be no problem once we leave. I don’t blame them.
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Drug War Budget


Notice how the California prison industrial complex union is threating Arnold w/ a recall vote? What`s it about? Money. These tax robbers must be looking forward to the legalization of marijuana. The system will not stand under the light. It will die in a blaze of disgrace. It`s coming.

Comfort Zones and Paradigms

I think Mr. Farah is a person who believes it’s better to feel certain than to be right.

People who share Mr. Farah’s perceptions of reality believe anything is possible.  They think the human mind is infinitely malleable and that all that’s necessary to impose their version of reality onto others is to inflict sufficient pain and deprivation on those who choose to live in a reality-based world.

There is simply no way to use the coercive power of the state to make someone believe something stupid when they already know better.  In the end, all that’s done is to inflict pain and deprivation on people who have enough sense to know they’re being conned.


Why wouldn't they want to cooperate?

When the US is imprisoning more people than ANY other country in the world, it’s safe to say the War on (some) Drugs has hit a snag. What country in its right mind would want that? Who wants to further imperil their populace at the behest of American selective morality, ignorance and hubris? Who can AFFORD to imprison their countrymen at the rate the US does? NO ONE - that's why we (funded by OUR tax dollars) lead the world in imprisonment! And guess what, drug use remains the SAME, the same as it has since the War on (some) Drugs began. Legalize and regulate, and cut the terrorists and cartels off at the knees!

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