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Prosecutor Getting Nervous in the Ryan Frederick Case

…as well he should since Ryan Frederick is innocent and the whole thing is a colossal travesty. Radley Balko notes that the prosecution is hoping for a change of venue:

The special prosecutor in the case against Ryan Frederick, the Chesapeake man accused of killing a city detective, wants the murder trial moved out of the Hampton Roads area.

The commonwealth has urged the court for a change of venue from Chesapeake to a court elsewhere in the state. Frederick is to stand trial Jan. 20 in Chesapeake Circuit Court on charges of capital murder, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and possession with the intent to distribute marijuana. []

It’s a devious move, necessitated by the fact that a lot of folks in and around Chesapeake, VA know that Ryan Frederick didn’t do anything wrong. Police thought he was growing marijuana, but he wasn’t. When they raided his house, he thought he was being robbed and fired on the intruders, killing an officer that he didn’t realize was a cop. The marijuana growing operation they were looking for just wasn’t there and I’m still unclear on why they’re pursuing distribution charges for the tiny amount of pot found in his home.

Let’s hope the judge has the sense to see through this sham of a trial and blocks these pathetic efforts to gain leverage for charges that should never have been filed to begin with.

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Immoral Tobacco State "justice"

"possession with intent"


Is this but anything other then a desperate attempt of sociopaths to divert attention from the reality that they are the drivers of death addiction and death as a %#@& cigarette state?

Virginia needs to hang it up and get right with Jesus.

drug bust


As long as the "cops" find some drugs, then it is considered to be a sucessfulll operation. Never mind the wrong address`, the busted doors, the shot pets and people. The end always justifies the means. Thanks to U.S.A. voters.

Hence, "possession"?...

...not any. Intent, not any. Capital murder, no way.Prosecution has a big headache here.Maybe they should try an herbal remedy.

Possession with "intent"

I was charged with "possession for sale" for 81 milligrams of meth (picture a baby aspirin crushed up) and a "pay-owe slip" which was a record of payments I was making on a truck.

Clearly, the police are mind readers (Lord knows they can't read the US Constitution) -- they KNEW what Mr. Frederick was planning to do with his pot. Too bad they didn't KNOW about his evil plan to exercise his legal right to protect his home.

Mr. Frederick is being charged with intent to sell for the same reason I was -- because the charges were determined BEFORE the search warrant was obtained.

Justice, American style.

Sad Case

This case should be a tough one but I wouldn't be surprised if they pull it off . They just keep pushing to cover up the real issue.

Possession with intent to distribute

The reason they pursue insane charges like this is so they can get on TV and say they don't imprison users, only "Traffickers"

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