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BREAKING: People Smoke Pot at Outdoor Concerts

In a daring undercover investigation, anti-marijuana activist Lisa Silverman has exposed the seedy criminal underworld that lurks along the lawn at a Ziggy Marley show:

In August, Silverman attended a Ziggy Marley concert at the Del Mar Racetrack, just as she had the previous year, to see if pot smokers were as abundant as before. Sure enough, bongs, blunts and joints were ablaze.

Not only were the pot-puffing reggae fans not intimidated by security guards, they offered some to anti-marijuana crusader Silverman, 49. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

Actually, when the pot-smokers said "You want something, lady?" they weren’t really offering her a hit, they just wanted to know why she was crawling around on all fours sniffing people’s belongings and blowing out their matches.

"There were very few attendees who were not smoking marijuana," Silverman said, recounting her reconnaissance mission recently to a stunned board of directors for the fairgrounds.

The board of directors was indeed stunned by Silverman’s story, given that they’d posted signs at every entrance reminding security not to let the notorious complainer and buzzkill, Lisa Silverman, into any more reggae concerts.

At a recent concert at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg concluded his set by urging listeners to "smoke some chronic," slang for high-grade marijuana.

"Almost immediately, you could see the plumes of smoke go up," Kelly said.

San Diego songwriter Steve Poltz said he remembers attending an outdoor concert featuring James Taylor when the mellow superstar caught a whiff of marijuana smoke.

"Ah, yes," Taylor mused. "The fine scent of herb being carried on the evening zephyr."

At which point someone shouted "Dork!" and Taylor was struck with a flying beer can, proving yet again why people shouldn’t be allowed to use marijuana in public.
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I can't imagine a fun, hot chick spending her life doing this.

I'm glad she's finally caught up with the "Fall of Rome" debauchery that's just been going on... oh.. since she was in elementary school.

Team Buzzkill

Ms./Mrs. Silverman is a memeber of the San Diego based Health Advocates Rejecting Marijuana. They are part of a larger, locally focused conservative coalition. Here's a link to a pdf that seems to be a press release with contact info for the group heads.

Check out the obscene statistics they claim. Someone needs to be reminded that correlation and causation are not necessarily the same.

Marijuana -- Personal Use Why do people think its O.K.?

I guess people who think marijuana is O.K. for personal use are looking at the warning label first. They are all over a pack of cigarettes warning of everything. On the clear bag of marijuana there are no warnings so they know they are safe. Stupid Pot Users ! Stop smoking that crap and save your life and our youth in America or you can do whatever you think you can to escape the terrible life you must have. Find a new hobby that won't destroy society. Why would they legalize pot if they are already trying hard to get rid of cigarettes? Smoke your pot and think about that.

Ms. Silverman?

So you think pulling guns on people that use marijuana gives your public health message extra credibility?

Also, I find it ridiculuous you think putting a multi-billion dollar tobacco industry in the hands of organized crime is going to make a children safer and healthier. The last thing we need is meth and heroin producers controlling the marijuana and tobacco markets.

to this fruit bar

just because there are no labels on a bag of herb does not mean potheads dont believe there is a risk, don't speak for a weed head if you don't smoke, leave that to us.

i smoke plenty of pot, it's not that im unsure of risks involved, but simply enough that i just do not care.

no reason preach to us, we don't care for anything you have to say, our lives are great. why would they legalize bud?..check the state of california's policy on medicinal marijuana..there are plenty of people buying weed with there medical cards and the state makes bank of the tax. its good for everyone, win win

and for fruit bars like you posting this as if its any defense to this horrible horrible drug problem, i will find your children and blow hits in there faces

Some municipal officials **do** get it....

A jamband festival held in Bridgeport Connecticut which I won't name, but you can google, deals with this problem very effectively. The promoters give local residents half price tickets and all City officials like the mayor and building inspector get free VIP laminates for themselves and family to come check out the festivities. They and their families come out and have a good time.

I casually spoke with one of the officials this year in the VIP area, a woman who does "economic development" and she thought the festival as a boon to the city. She clearly "got" the idea -- it was something like a revelation to her -- that "all they had to do" was call off the police and let people smoke pot, which wasn't a big deal to her at least, and they could have this big event that bought rent, profits, fun and people to a depressed urban area.

These times they are a changin'

lol someone would have

lol someone would have thrown a beer can do you know that had anything to do with him being high or that he was even high in the first scientific evidence. the fact that HE THREW A BEER CAN suggests more that he was drunk not high, so should we ban people from drinking?


proof for my previous statement

the United States government's Bureau of Mortality Statistics reveals that there are 0 deaths annually from Marijuana alone. While Tobacco kills 400,000, alcohol 100,000 and even Aspirin killing 2,000 a year.

Cannabis was used as truth serum by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a US government intelligence agency formed during World War II. In the early 1940s, it was the most effective truth drug developed at the OSS labs at St. Elizabeths Hospital; it caused a subject "to be loquacious and free in his impartation of information."

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