Rumors of NYPD Sexually Assaulting a Marijuana Suspect

The New York Post has a horrible story alleging that NYPD officers sodomized a marijuana suspect with a walkie talkie. Sounds pretty bad, but I should note that former cop and current LEAP member Peter Moskos has doubts about the accuracy of the reports.

Even if that story turns out to be false, this one is very true.
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So Scott, your conclusion is....

....that marijuana prohibition is playing a major role in turning police into overzealous and brutal junkyard dogs?


I'm sorry, did I not make that clear?

Gross exaggeration

There were 861000 police officers and investigators in 2006, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the FBI, there were 830000 marijuana arrests. So an officer will be lucky to arrest one marijuana offender during a year period.

I'm guessing we just have bad apples on the force, and these incidents of marijuana-related brutality are so rare that even you will quickly jump on a rumor of police brutality reported by a tabloid newspaper and exploit it for propaganda purposes.


I totally agree that this is "bad apple" policing (assuming the incident in question even took place). I'm sorry if I gave the impression that I think all or most cops are capable of this sort of thing.

But I also believe that even rare incidents of brutality against marijuana suspects are just completely intolerable. If there are only a few "bad apples," then why can't we get rid of them? Whether or not this latest incident turns out to be true, there are still too many police brutality horror stories coming to my attention and doubtlessly very many more that never see the light of day.

Please read this to better understand my concerns.

Another drug-related tragedy!

See what marijuana can do to cops! The drug czar has been saying this all along in his ad campaigns that marijuana can turn even a boy scout into a promiscuous sexual deviant.

Why aren't they wearing hazmat suits?

When are police departments going to wise up and start training their officers to put on hazmat suits before approaching actual burning marijuana? Research has shown this stuff can make you schizophrenic.

My best wishes go out to the officers and their families.

borden's picture

They don't need hazmat suits...

... and it doesn't cause schizophrenia:

But maybe they should be required to wear hazmat suits, and then arresting people for marijuana will become less popular.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

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