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Wow, I almost forgot it was Drug Free Work Week

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Fortunately, the drug czar remembered, which makes sense because it’s his third favorite drug war theme-week. And having burdened us with this annoying ritual, he goes on to explain unintentionally how unbelievably unimportant it is:

October 20-26th is Drug Free Work Week

Every year, the Department of Labor sponsors a Drug Free Work Week to raise awareness of the consequences of drug use on the workplace.  According to recent research this is a serious problem:

•    75 percent of the nation’s current illegal drug users are employed—and 3.1 percent say they have actually used illegal drugs before or during work hours.

That means 97% of drug users don’t go to work high. Seriously, these numbers show that the overwhelming majority of drug users have jobs and scrupulously avoid drugs on workdays. That’s not a problem, that’s awesome.

And it goes to show how completely nuts you are if you think we have to drug test everybody to keep them from spilling bong water in the copier. Even at my office – where we oppose drug testing and advocate drug legalization – we’ll still throw you the hell out if you come in drooling and screwing around. If there’s ever been a solution in search of a problem, it’s the little plastic cup that proves you smoked pot at some point in the past month.

Unfortunately, in the drug war, we always do things the hard way and that’s why the federal government would rather prosecute purveyors of prosthetic piss-test penises than admit that anyone with half a brain shouldn’t need laboratory results to identify the dumbass in the department.

Meanwhile, Joe Sixpack, the very epitome of traditional American values, is far more likely to mix business with pleasure than the average illegal drug user:
•   79 percent of the nation’s heavy alcohol users are employed—and 7.1 percent say they have actually consumed alcohol during the workday.
But nobody drug tests for that, so the workplace drug testing tyranny tinkles on, untethered by the towering absurdity of busting employees for smoking pot over the weekend, while vastly larger numbers get drunk on their lunch break with impunity. The whole thing is such a monument of stupidity and craziness, I suppose it’s fitting that the drug czar must set aside a whole week each year to bask in it.

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Actually a lot of businesses do not drug test

Many are trying to save on costs of testing.

Or, they realize they couldn't find anyone to work for them...

if they did drug test! I make it a point to seek out employers who don't drug test, since I have found those employers who don't drug test are far more likely to reward people for productivity, not conformity, and are generally more respectful and team-oriented, rather than controlling and authoritarian.

There have been several times where I have turned down lucrative job offers when they revealed that I would have to go to a medical office and urinate in a cup. It shocked them, and they used the "you must have something to hide, then" logic.
"No," I said, " I don't hide my morality and principles from anyone. You're basically saying to me, right from the start, 'I don't trust you!' I will NOT work for someone who doesn't trust me or won't give me a chance to prove myself, regardless of what I do in my free time!"

Furthermore, I know all the legal reasons employers tout to justify searching your piss, but it's BS. There are myriad reasons why drug testing is wrong, but I've told those same employers (right before I said "thanks" and walked out the door) "Do you realize I could go out and get drunk every night and not work worth a damn the next day? Do you realize I could drink at lunch and your test wouldn't know?"

I served many years in the Army, and didn't do dope at all - they tested, and I had to put aside my anger over it for the privilige to serve my country - but I knew more than a few alcoholics and potheads!

I know it is a luxury to reject a job based on principles, and that many people would do anything (no matter HOW debasing) to get a job. Still, in the end, principles are all we have. If we all stood together and said "no more drug tests," there wouldn't be any! Drug testing is a symptom of the larger disease called "exploitation/control." When it comes right down to it, businesses need employees as much as we need them. Sorry for the long rant, but this gets me steamed! I encourage people to reject employers who drug test, and to let them know why you are rejecting them!

Thank you for being a thoughtful, true American

Whether one partakes in substances or not, every citizen should react the way you do to such an invasive, unwarranted search request/requirement. Thank you for:

"No," I said, " I don't hide my morality and principles from anyone. You're basically saying to me, right from the start, 'I don't trust you!' I will NOT work for someone who doesn't trust me or won't give me a chance to prove myself, regardless of what I do in my free time!"

Unfortunately, most people operate with a very remedial understanding of what freedom is about, what it requires, the type of society it should frame, etc. We should be judged on our performance, not by our consumption (or religion, color, sex, etc.).

I, too, have rejected employers with such ridiculously misinformed policies. It's always been their loss. Perhaps in some reasonably impacting way this dynamic contributes to lost production possibilities for our country. If so, what a shame...



Right on...

"Unfortunately, most people operate with a very remedial understanding of what freedom is about, what it requires, the type of society it should frame, etc. We should be judged on our performance, not by our consumption (or religion, color, sex, etc.)."

Good to know others feel the same, we need more like you. We're probably one of the most free countries on the face of the Earth, but as a whole, we're a long way from being totally free! What you said is correct, and at the risk of sounding like a communist (I'm definitely not!), oppression and exploitation are the same, whether it be race, creed, consumption, etc. We only have the freedom we deserve, because we only get what we are willing to fight for. Freedom takes principle and vigilance. When people are fat and happy, they tend to lose focus and take freedom for granted. As the economy gets worse and people start hurting, I think we'll see people start moving toward taking our liberties back.

Thanks for the good words, peace.

Too bad there's no test for stupidity or laziness . . .

IF I were going to test for impairment, the two drugs I would look for would be alcohol and opiates. My employers don't test for either one. They test for cocaine, meth and pot.

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