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Parents Are Using Drug Dogs on Their Own Children

I suppose it was just a matter of time:

Ali is a highly trained German shepherd that spent eight years on narcotics patrol with the New Jersey police force, hunting down drug smugglers at airports and drug dealers on inner-city streets. Post-retirement, he's working in the private sector, sniffing teenagers' bedrooms.

Ali and his handler are now working for a new company in New Jersey called Sniff Dogs.

The company, which also conducts business in Ohio, rents drug-sniffing canines to parents for $200 an hour. It was started this year by Debra Stone, who says her five trained dogs can detect heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and ecstasy.

The dogs' noses are so sensitive that they can smell a marijuana seed from up to 15 feet away and marijuana residue on clothing from drugs smoked two nights before.

One of the selling points of this service? Avoiding the kind of confrontation that comes with a drug test. [ABC News]

Yeah, unless Derrick walks in while you’re marching a snarling drug dog around his room. This is ridiculous. Anyway, it makes no sense to do it when your kid isn’t home. The drugs are usually on them, so there’s gonna be a confrontation after all. And subjecting your children to dog sniffs is at least as likely to provoke animosity as a urine test. Who are they kidding?

Parenting is hard and teenage drug abuse is almost impossible to handle exactly the right way. But bringing drug sniffing dogs into your house is just totally crazy, it really is. It’s the sort of approach that only occurs to parents whose over-the-top hysteria about drugs has already eliminated the possibility that their kids would actually tell them anything voluntarily.

Update: In response to this comment, I don't think the point is really to help parents who are already dealing with a drug abuse problem in their home. At that point, you don't need a drug dog to tell you what you already know. If you start doing stuff like that, your kid just won't bring it in the house. One of the mothers quoted in the story is using the dog as an extra precaution even though her kids seem fine. And that's weird. Seriously. If your kids say they're not using drugs and they're happy and doing well in school, etc. and yet you're still marching drug dogs around their're the one with a problem.

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$200 an hour???

I want to meet the parent that invests in this shit and recommend her for the ONDCP Parent of the Month Award.

Turning a lot of kids into cat lovers.

It's sad what they are doing to "man's best friend."

welcome to nazi germany

will this gestapo shit end .when bush is trashed next month

What a great title.

I picture dogs running after children.

Parents don't have the right!

Bullshit! All of it, parents should have alot more respect for there children than just getting a dog in there room and serching. they have pricvacy just as much as anyone els. If you think you child is into something, do it the normal way sit them down have a good chat. Trust me i know talking works. Listen to what your kids have to say. if you disagree tell them how you feel in a clam way.

Parents Have the Right

There has to be a way for parents to take back control of their homes when their kids are obviously using drugs. The benefit of this program is that it doesn't involve the police. The nice dog sniffs around, and if some drug catches their nose, its up to the parents to deal with the fact that drugs are in their house. My brothers stashed loads of drugs in our house and I always wished my parents had a clue about what they were doing.

Parents may have the right...

but that doesn't make it right! You said " there has to be a way for parents to take back control of their homes when their kids are obviously using drugs." There are a couple problems with that.

First, "the parents" who don't have control of their own homes have a serious problem that has little to do with drugs! If they've lost control of their own homes, they shouldn't be parents because they obviously don't have what it takes to raise children.

Second, if "they are obviously using drugs," what the hell is the dog needed for? I'd guess it's just one more way some authoritarian goon has concocted to profit from the drug war industrial complex.

Third, there is a difference between use and abuse. Getting a drug dog to ransack a child's room when they are gone does nothing to increase trust, and trust is what's needed most to prevent children from becoming drug ABUSERS or ADDICTS.

The part you got correct was that it is good to not involve the police. Good policy all the way around. I wonder, why if the drugs your brothers stashed in the house bothered you so much, didn't you talk to them about it? Was there no level of trust? Drug abuse is a family problem and a medical issue, but too many families lack communication, preferring to call in people like the police to deal with problems that they should be able to deal with as a family. Welcome to the Nanny State!

Two Words

Cayenne Pepper

a few more words

well ground, fresh cayenne pepper, ground cloves are good too, resprinkle routinely, and vacuum carefully when you want to get rid of it.

Red (or Green?) Herring

Rather than cayenning the poor doggie, pot smokers facing this dilemma will more likely obtain a spray bottle filled with bong water and use it to leave a doggie cannabis trail leading from the dwelling’s entrances directly into the parents’ bedroom.  It’s doubtful any parent undergoing the resulting Sniff Dog incompetence will ever use the service again, and I doubt the service will get paid its $200.

Overprotective helicopter parents is waaay beyond our mission

The overprotective helicopter parents are waaay outside the mission of drug policy reform. What can be done if a parent wants to drug test their kids or install a location tracking device or video camera in their car?


I know Scott was just venting about invasive, ineffective parenting, but we can't tell people what they can/can't do as parents.

  1. It's hypocritical. Adult freedom (including parental freedom) is what we need more of.
  2. Sentiments like these will be distorted and used against our cause, painting the picture that "users want to tell you how to raise your kids."

Let's focus on ending prohibition, not starting a war on parenting :)

One of the Obama’s

One of the Obama’s ultimate campaigns is to decriminalize not only for marijuana using but all illegal drugs. Not only for the reason that it was demanded on him but because it’s an issue that all people care’s about. Giving us the opportunity to be informed, Democratic presidential candidate – Barrack Obama – is advocating for increased government regulations in the economy. If Obama becomes president and democrats control the Senate, our country will face the most liberal agenda in its history. Free market economists are concerned with Obama’s “hands-on” policies and fear they steer the American economy off-course in the long run. Proponents of capitalism will disagree that we’re better off today than in 1932. On the contrary, they would most likely tell you that America is in for more of the same – a “New, New Deal.”

Nice spam...

Obama will NOT decriminalize or legalize drugs. Period. I think it's a given that McCain won't either, but he's not going to win, so it doesn't really matter.

Obama and McCain, regardless of their differences, will not end the War on (some) Drugs. Period. Both will definitely increase the size and scope of government while robbing us of more liberty. Period.

I couldn't tell whether you were trying to praise or bash Obama, payday loan advocate, but you should really work on your grammar, chief...

Teenage "drug abuse"?

Scott, please, don't fall in with the drug warriors' blanket description of all illegal drug use as "abuse." Most of us experimented with drugs at one time or another; most of us came through it just fine.

When I was in "substance abuse treatment," out of five counselors I met, only one seemed the least bit competent. But any respect I had for her, personally or professionally, was shattered when her teenaged son got a DUI and she started drug testing him.

I always knew what my kids were up to, and I didn't know by spying on them. It's called "trust", it starts with "honesty" and it goes both ways. Easy? No. Simple? Yes.

Oh, and another thing . . .

I had a scale with meth residue on it hidden in the floor vent in my bathroom and the drug dog DID NOT find it; nor did it find the quarter-gram-sized rock that the drug cops dropped in the vent in the living room.

"Dogs running after children"

When I got raided, my daughter came to get her kids and was planning to stick around and take care of things but was run off by the cops when the drug dog was brought. They told her that the dog might attack the children. They also told my friend and me that if we had meth in our systems, the dog might attack us, too -- the same dog couldn't smell a quarter-gram of meth 6 inches from its nose.

About a year later, that same dog DID, indeed, attack and maul an innocent pedestrian walking by its handler's house. The spokesman for the police department told the local newspaper, "Those dogs are trained to attack people."

They've turned their dogs into perfect replicas of themselves -- too busy attacking people to see what's right under their noses. Yeah, I want one of those.

At $200 per hour, I don't see "rent a drug dog" becoming a trend

Yes there are extreme over protective parents and there always will be, so what? Parents have the right to raise their children however they like. If doesn't matter if agree with it or not, they aren't your kids. I would rather them use drug dogs on their kids and drug test them every day than see them pushing for laws that give criminal records to hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Think You're Kids Don't Lie? Wake Up.

Personally I think finding pot is the least of these parents concern. Where I live, the problem is kids using meth.

There are very good parents out there who realize that their kids are influenced by much more today - and that they are exposed to drugs that can destroy lives in a matter of months. And these parents - even though they have tried - realize that their kid(s) have slipped. They realize that kids do not always tell the truth. They realize that their kids are YOUNG and may not make the right life decisions. They realize that a parent's job is to raise the child and that includes enforcing rules. They realize that meth and heroine can destroy thier kid's lives in a matter of months. The parents don't want to call the police - they would rather hire this service to help with a problem - and that is good parenting.

Drug Dogs

After 33 years of handling, and trainin drug detector dogs I can tell you for a fact a dog is not going to pick up a seed 15 feet away. This company uses the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association for certification. During it certificaiton no test are conducted to eliminate non productive responses. Since April 2007 I have reviewed 28 police dog used in drug detection only 47% of their responses actually produce drugs.

Well trained drug detector dogs can easily lead to the seizure of drugs more that 80% of the time. The key word here is well trained. Until trainer get out of myth and folklore or as the former Chief of Animal Behaivor for the Military Working Dog Program used to put it get away from the A&M method of dog training. No Texas A&M does not have a dog training school. A&M and Dr. Craig was a distinguished Alumi from A&M means Aliby and Mystical.

In recent cases I have had the dog's evidence eliminated see

The kids are the problem here

You all talk about the parents being crasy here.. The Kids are doing drugs and hidding them in the house. Now the kid get arrested and who has to bail them out us. So bringing a dog to smell out drugs that are under are roof how is that crasy????



I'm done with the bailout, the worry, the disrespect.  Maybe the writer would like to have these turds in their home, messing up their lives,....

That's your opinion...


You're delusional if you believe what kids tell you is the truth....they tell you want they want you to believe.  I have a step kid who tells me he's clean...yet he fails drug tests.  I want a drug dog to go in after this loser is kicked out of my house and make sure I don't have that "dank" he sells using facebook.  The idiot stays logged in on MY computer, so of course, to find the truth, I read his messages.

I have an 11 year old that doesn't need to find these drugs in my house.

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