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Drug Czar Tells Cartels to Surrender or Die

If the traffickers don’t surrender soon, drug czar John Walters will kill them with his bare hands:

U.S. drug czar John P. Walters, in Mexico City to reassure officials that aid to fight drug gangs is in the pipeline, said traffickers resort to "fear and horror" in their campaign to take over government institutions but will ultimately fail.

Ultimately, he said, the drug lords will face a stark choice: "They surrender, or they die." [LA Times]

Walters then pulled a hand grenade from his vest and destroyed a speeding SUV from 100 yards away.
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What walters did next.

Walters then grabbed a baby out of the arms of a terrified mother and proceeded to punch it in the face repeatedly, because it was "a future enemy in the war on drugs" before turning into a bat and flying away.

John Walters


Walters voice will diminish beyond belief in about 3 months. Never mind him.

Demand Drug Czar's Surrender

Walters must be joking if he thinks he’s in a position to demand anyone’s surrender in the drug war.  Who’s winning this war, anyway?  The drug warriors?  I don’t think so.

John P. Walters and his ilk stand out as pitiful political hacks whose drug war surrender is long overdue.  Maybe that’s the problem.  Bureaucrats are paper freaks.  No one has ever provided Walters or his predecessors with any kind of hard-copy peace agreement defining the terms of a drug war surrender.

The time has come to present Czar Walters or his successor with this essential document, and with it a signing ceremony that marks the unconditional surrender of the U.S. federal government to the victorious, omnipotent, long-haired, pot-smoking hippie radicals; a treaty that ends the drug war forever.



we need to bring former president fox to trail for he was about to legalize small amounts of drugs turn his country in to a peaceful profitable place where the t. Edisons and the T. jeffersons g washingtons could go without fear of some adrinlin junky ripping him off, now he that he caved in to (out side forces) he has led his county down this killing field road, its about time we bring these natzi to justice who claim to be exempt from the ten commandments and are allowed to lie cheat and steal from our monder day greats because the czar and his natzi has bought a few laws.

The cartels' competitors will send Walters a thank you card

Walters and his aid to Mexico will just be eliminating the monopolizing cartels in the drug industry, which is will open the doors to many less violent prone competitors and reduce drug prices for Americans.


Here's Walters' solution to the problem: throw more money at it. Don't worry about the lives it will cost, the terror it will inflict upon Mexico's citizens, the continual destruction of Mexico's tourism industry, or the alternatives to prohibition that could easily and cleanly put an end to this violence. Here's $400 million that we can't afford to give for a cause that we can't reasonably support, and if it doesn't work it's because we didn't throw enough money at it.

Useless Battle

The problem with the whole drug war is that for every big trafficker that you take down, two to three more spring up in their place to try to grab all of those extra "clients".... They are like weeds.

From Ryan

A real hardass...tough guy czar Walters...

We all know John Walters came from the hardest streets in America, fighting bare-knuckled every day to ascend to czardom! The murdered dogs and children lining the streets prove that he's a real fighter, not to be trifled with. I'll bet his speech really riled those cartel bosses. Didn't anyone notice the stream of drug lords throwing in the towel, marching into police stations to turn themselves in before it was too late?

I think after Walters is finished in a few months, he should move to Mexico to show those pussies how a REAL man can take down the cartels single-handedly, kind of like Schwarzenegger did in 'Commando!' He's already got a succesful template to work from, I haven't seen drugs in North America for years!

I'd be willing to bet, though, that we'll find the douchebag on the lecture circuit making $15,000 an hour, right next to Calvina Fey.

Yikes. While I'm sure drug

Yikes. While I'm sure drug traffickers engage in unsavory behavior that would be better stopped, I also don't believe that terror or fear is the way to stop it. But, then I guess that's what happens when you have a "war" on drugs.

Sarah Chase

with money to be made what do you expect

you know you have a problem when your prohibitionist model has advocates that are in the drug trade.

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