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More Drug War = More Violence

Submitted by smorgan on
Look how AFP frames the spike in drug trade violence plaguing Mexico:

MEXICO CITY (AFP) — Almost 400 people have died in the past two weeks in an intensifying drugs war in Mexico despite a government crackdown on cartels, trafficking and related violence.

Very obviously, none of this is happening despite Calderon’s crackdown. The violence is caused by the crackdown, directly and unambiguously, in every imaginable sense. When Calderon pledged to increase drug enforcement efforts, the violence increased dramatically. That’s not an opinion, it’s what’s happened right before our eyes.

AFP sees irony in the fact that the violence has increased during a drug war crackdown, as though the logical assumption is that an aggressive drug war would reduce violence. It won’t, it never has, and it never will no matter what. The drug war will not make peace. It won’t change the weather, either. And it won’t make you a sandwich. All it will ever do is cause violence. Just watch.

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