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More Drug War = More Violence

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Look how AFP frames the spike in drug trade violence plaguing Mexico:

MEXICO CITY (AFP) — Almost 400 people have died in the past two weeks in an intensifying drugs war in Mexico despite a government crackdown on cartels, trafficking and related violence.

Very obviously, none of this is happening despite Calderon’s crackdown. The violence is caused by the crackdown, directly and unambiguously, in every imaginable sense. When Calderon pledged to increase drug enforcement efforts, the violence increased dramatically. That’s not an opinion, it’s what’s happened right before our eyes.

AFP sees irony in the fact that the violence has increased during a drug war crackdown, as though the logical assumption is that an aggressive drug war would reduce violence. It won’t, it never has, and it never will no matter what. The drug war will not make peace. It won’t change the weather, either. And it won’t make you a sandwich. All it will ever do is cause violence. Just watch.
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I agree

as long as there is drug war there is violence.. this is the most difficult problem to solve since there are a lot of inside jobs on this.

When the violence ends the drug industry will still be there

Purging these violent cartels is just busting up monopolies and will open the doors to many sellers who are less prone to violence and more intelligent in their business practices. The end result will be a reduction in drug prices for American consumers and a more peaceful yet flourishing drug market that can make do without the Pablo Escobar style cartels.

Heard of Mycoherbicides?

Release mycoherbicides into South America and destroy all coca plants at its source. Do it clandestinely if you must. America has the best brains and scientists. Why not unleash biowarfare on drug producers. Damage to the environment is a chance we have to take. But given the fact that millions of lives are already destroyed by drug addiction, there is hardly an alternative. Drug trafficking the darkest form of evil, and it must be eradicated at all cost. May all evildoers burn eternally in the hottest corners of hell.


yeah let's go completely ruin the ecosystem and livlihood of tens of thousands of south americans because americans like to do drugs. screw 'em right? who cares if we poison their land and water, it's not in america so who cares right? it's amazing that people think complete eradication is even possible. it is absolutely impossible to completely eradicate coca plants from this planet. the only thing that would happen if one were to try is that the price of cocaine would skyrocket and guess what. people are still going to ingest it. you may or may not know that clinton tried the eradication effort and failed miserably. the planes had to fly higher than they were supposed to in an effort to avoid ainti-aircraft fire, and in doing so sprayed that toxic liquid on hundreds of acres of legitimate crops and poisoning the water in a huge lake. what that does is make legitimate farmers turn to cocoa and makes the local people harbor resentment for the U.S. bottom line is our government should educate it's people about drugs and let then make an informed opinion rather than using fear, intimidation and fully automatic weapons. oh yeah and mycoherbicides.

the mexican drug cartels and the us mexico boder violence

we better wake up and face the fact that these people hate americans with the same type of hatred that al-queda does. they will not stop, they will continue to bring the fight to us. they are going to ratchet up the violence and they will become as much of a problem as the extremist in the middle east.they hate us because we are a racist society that can't even get along with each other. let glen beck and lou dobbs keep enflamming the situation by continually complaining of the hard working illegal immigrants who take jobs that no one else will do. the difference with the drug gangs and the islamic extremist is that the drug gangs are in our back yard. we had better prepare to be attacked from the flank, which unfortunatly is exposed. these people in mexico have an ax to grind with us. our resources are affected by so many things lack of funding brought on by lack of money people. intelligence officals and politicans ,military tactians need to protect us now.

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