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DEA Thrills Schoolchildren With Awesome Drug War Parade

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Sometimes, with all the innocent people being killed, it’s easy to forget how much fun the drug war can be:

Educators in West Seattle may have discovered a new way to control 484 wildly cheering children: a burly federal agent wearing camouflage and brandishing a bullhorn.

It was unclear who was having more fun, the kids or the cops, at the culmination Thursday of several days of drug prevention programs at the Holy Rosary School in West Seattle.

The three letter agencies were there: DEA, ICE, FBI. As children wearing red sweaters and blue pants or tartan skirts lined 42nd Avenue Southwest, agents in raid jackets, swat gear and even hazardous-material suits slapped palms with the pumped-up youngsters. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Jodie Underwood -- dressed in black and packing her service revolver -- looked armed and dangerous until she turned toward a bunch of 8-year- olds with a grin on her face and asked: "Are you guys having fun?" [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]

Well, at least the cops and a bunch of 8-year-olds are having a good time.
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DEA, ICE, FBI, what's the matter?

Not having much luck with the high school crowd?

The only school in Seattle to hosts these idiots


"Well, at least the cops and a bunch of 8-year-olds are having"

Best quote ever.

eight year olds just need to learn to say no .to keystone cops

now it seems just eightyear olds are the only ones left who believe there crap .hate to tell you kids this but there aint no santa and these crimnals in blue arnt your friends

Early indoctrination

Let's not fool ourselves into thinking this is a laughable matter. What we're seeing here is early indoctrination. The DEA is a militant organization that helps train and arm our state and local police agencies to be militant themselves. Now they're taking a page out of the NAZI playbook and going after our children's minds. Children who now think that running around in para-military suits and bellowing in bullhorns is appropriate. Well, just because these prohbitionist storm troopers say aggression is right doesn't make it right. We have become a nation of 'might makes right'. The DEA knows that the 'Drug Czars' lies have failed to work on our teens, like with cannabis, and they've lost the support of that age group. So, they're trying to get ahead of this trend with early indoctrination. They're trying to convince our kids that drug prohibition works, if we're just brutal enough. But, prohibition does not work. These kids are being set up for one of the rudist awakenings of their lives when they find out that their government has betrayed their trust. Once again, prohibition flops.

Those kids will learn

Many of us believed in this drug war bullshit. Years from now they will look back at those federal terrorists and wonder what the hell was wrong with them.

Cycle of Waste

Politicians instruct their government agencies to educate and enlist children into believing that aggressively fighting drugs is acceptable. And since kids in many cases do not have to go to class while these events take place, they are more likely to enjoy/believe the nonsense being dished out to them. ~ Bill

Not relevant

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada I'm sure everyone remembers what their mind was like at 8 years old.The prohibitionist army will have to do better than a parade for catholic school kids(who are already terrorised by the nuns).Catholic school has always been proactive in the drug war and it's from those same ranks that the majority of our junkies come.This is from personal experience and I have no idea if the rest of the world reacts the same way as those of us in Vancouver.Our youngest addicts were always Catholic school drop outs.

Why so serious?

Nice to see the suits trying to liven things up a bit. Personally, I think any kind of federal agent with a license to kill is a bit of a buzz kill, but what do I know

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