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If you or someone you know lives in Arizona

The governor has asked for public input on how to solve the budget shortfall. I'm just one little voice, and you're just one little voice, but together we can make a BIG voice, so please go to and suggest an end to imprisoning people for victimless activities, an end to putting children of loving, drug-using parents in foster care, an end to forcing drug users into useless, tax-supported treatment programs and whatever else you can think of. "The real crime is doing nothing for fear that we can do too little." -- (I don't remember where I read this, or I would give credit where credit is due.)
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apparently you don't have to live in Arizona to post suggestions

The form asks for suggestions from Arizona residents, but it doesn't ask for address and appeared to submit my rant.
Rag them on how obvious it is that killer alcohol is far more dangerous than cannabis, so they should be taxing marijuana, not wasting money trashing people who use it. Rita's points about wasting money by imprisoning non-violent drug offenders, taking children away from loving parents, and by forced treatment are very good, too.

Another point . . .

In Arizona, and most likely other states as well, it's against the law for drug felons to work around the elderly or children. Drug felonies, domestic violence, abuse and theft are all ranked the same. Limiting job opportunities, especially for unskilled workers, not only decreases revenues for the state, but contributes to recidivism.

As an added bonus, nursing homes are chronically understaffed, and the good ones have waiting lists. Yeah. Waiting lists for nursing homes. The Yavapai Big Brothers and Big Sisters reports a record number of unmatched "littles", and school districts don't just put ads in newspapers for bus drivers, they hang "help wanted" banners on their fences.

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