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Another Complete Failure from the Drug Czar

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John Tierney at the New York Times points to a new report showing that the drug czar’s office has failed to meet its own performance goals. It’s vital that we point this out, because the drug czar never will. Everything the drug czar does is a glorious success according to the drug czar and there is nothing morbid or awful enough to shatter the drug warriors’ avowed faith in their great war.

Sadly, this includes dramatic increases in overdose deaths, which the drug czar ignores while constantly boasting that overall drug use is down. It seems we’re getting better and better at arresting large numbers of marijuana users who don’t need help, while getting progressively worse at saving those whose battle with drugs is truly a matter of life and death.
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Get ready for John Walters' insane NY Times response

After attending one of ONDCP John Walter's summits, I heard a director of a drug-free school program tell parents that marijuana is just a mild form of heroin and will make you crave crystal meth despite the drug's effect's being 180 degrees from marijuana's.

I'm curious how you become Drug Czar or director of school's drug education program and know absolutely nothing about drugs or drug addiction.

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they've done worse than ignore overdose deaths

The drug czar's office has done worse than ignore overdose deaths. They've promoted them, by opposing distribution of the overdose antidote naloxone.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

disastrous cost

When Americans think about wars they're probably thinking of Iraq and Afghanistan. We've lost about 5,000 men and women over there in 6 years. But, we've got a far deadlier war going on over here. It's called the 'War on Drugs' or 'Prohibition'. This war kills 30,000 cops, criminals and innocents every year. More in two years than all the people we lost in the entire Vietnam War. But, we don't read about this disastrous cost to our society from prohibition. That's because our 'Drug Czar' has only one job, to spew drug war propaganda. Propaganda that always justifies the continuation of a counter-productive failure, the drug war. Now that the Drug Czar has failed to meet any of his goals. He'll no doubt say, " I know that we're making real progress, so, we're going to redouble out efforts". Then we'll have double the cost and damage to our society. Now is the time to end the drug war. Please, contact your elected officials and candidates and politely demand an end to the war on drugs.

"We don't want to send out the message...

that there is a safe way to use heroin," says ONDCP. Really, is that so? Lo and behold, the UK has been using Diamorph (pharmaceutical heroin) quite safely for many decades now. It is unparalleled in treating breakthrough pain in terminal patients! In the US, a counterpart would be Dilaudid or Numorphan, and of course, the hospital stocks Narcan to save patients from accidental overdoses...

It is absolutely absurd to not provide addicts with Narcan to save their lives in the event of overdose. Oh wait, they use "the bad drugs," so I guess they forfeit their right to live...but wait, aren't some of those who overdose children? I thought it was all about "saving" the children?

I will be a happy man when the drug fuhrer and his minions at the ONDCP find themselves in a prison cell for crimes against humanity.

ONDCP is a mess

They don't address treatment and their education campaigns are the laughing stock among kids and adults alike. For the past two decades, Presidents have given the job of drug czar only to people who mainly have law enforcement or irrelevant bureaucratic backgrounds. During his term, Bill Clinton even appointed an army general to direct ONDCP (he took the phrase "war on drugs" literally).

Love it when fat asses tell how me how unhealthy I am.

I tell you what, Mister Walters. When you are done eradicating the marijuana epidemic, you can work on the obesity epidemic and kick students out of the chess club for being overweight.

Web of Deceit

John Walters couldn’t tell the truth about drugs now even if he wanted to, not after muddying the waters as he has for the last eight years.  It’s too late.  People would notice the change.  Truth would stand out and acknowledge the lies.

Walters is trapped in his pathetic and cowardly routine of BS until the next president boots his sorry ass out of the ONDCP and any future government employment.


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