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Want Legal Marijuana on January 20th? Write In "Bruce W. Cain"

Want Legal Marijuana on January 20th? Write In "Bruce W. Cain" It is "Wakee Wakee" time for America. My old friend Kevin Zeese has it correct when he says that both Obama and McCain will do NOTHING to end Marijuana Prohibition and the larger inept policy of Drug Prohibition. Furthermore both are shills for the Globalist agenda as evidenced by Obama's talk about a "global banking" solution to the current crisis. Vote for long time Drug Reform Activist "Bruce W. Cain" through a write-in vote this November. And I promise to light a ceremonial "joint" (e.g., it won't be real Marijuana as this would be deemed irresponsible by the Corporate Controlled Media) the second that the ceremony ends. I will make the following pronouncement before I leave the podium. ============================ "As of this day Marijuana Prohibition has informally ended in the United States as I am setting up an office to grant clemency to all Non-Violent Marijuana offenders throughout the United States. The fact that I am standing here today is evidence that the American People have had enough of bureaucrats that act as puppets for those that profit from Marijuana Prohibition. And these profiteers include the American Bar Association, the Lawyers Guild, Drug Testing Labs and the all encompassing "Prison Industrial Complex." And no bills will see my signature until Marijuana is formally ended. This will require that Marijuana be taken off the Controlled Substances Act and that my model for Marijuana Re-Legalization, MERP, is irrevocably put in place. The second thing I am going to do as your President is offer a "Bailout for the American Working Class" in order to atone for the attempted destruction of our very sovereignty by the Federal Reserve and the Globalist Bankers that control the reserve. I am not sure exactly what form this will take but I am presently considering giving $150,000 to each American 21 years of age or older. I will be assembling the nations smartest economists to work out the details but the idea behind this "Bailout for the American Working Class" is pretty simple. We are in the midst of the greatest Globalist Robbery in the history of the United States. This bailout is both to atone for their crimes and to immediately insulate the American Citizen from having everything they own fall into the hands of foreigners. Finally, it is time that we recognized that the current economic model of "Destruction Capitalism" is an example of an exponential system which is inherently doomed to failure. This system is nothing more that an elaborate Ponzi scheme designed to throw the American Working Class to the curb by a Global Elite that has infected our entire Republic over the last 100 years. We have to chart a course towards a new economic paradigm that is sustainable and which bestows upon our Legal American Citizens a life with more certainty, compassion and dignity. “ And that brings me to the third task that I will immediately implement, and that is the “New Agenda for America.” I authored this 10-plank agenda a few years ago in order to end the Globalist Agenda in the United States and hopefully throughout the rest of the world. In the following weeks I will be speaking to you more about this Anti-Globalist Solution.” ============================ So what do you have to loose? At the very least you will have signaled your disdain for these two Globalist candidates. And if you help me take this “viral” (between now and November 4th) perhaps we can actually chart a fresh new course for America. If you are interested in helping me with this mission I have graphics to post on your websites and emails. And I have printable literature for you to pass out to your friends that are not active on the Internet. As the Beatles once famously said, ‘there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.” But of course that does require you to do something. This is your opportunity. =================================== Let's Influence the 2008 Presidential Election Support the "New Agenda for America (NAA)" Authored by "Write-In" Presidential Candidate Bruce Cain For more information: The MERP Project The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy (MRP) Project =================================== This was first published as a response to this wonderful article by long time friend, and drug reformer, Dave Borden: Drug Policy and the Reform Vote in the Presidential Race
Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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I love the speech & would

I love the speech & would like more information. When you have time sent it to my email.

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