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If Terrorists and Drug Traffickers Collaborate, It’s the Drug War’s Fault

Has drug war destabilization in South America become a threat to our national security?

MIAMI (AP) — There is real danger that Islamic extremist groups such as al-Qaida and Hezbollah could form alliances with wealthy and powerful Latin American drug lords to launch new terrorist attacks, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

Extremist group operatives have already been identified in several Latin American countries, mostly involved in fundraising and finding logistical support. But Charles Allen, chief of intelligence analysis at the Homeland Security Department, said they could use well-established smuggling routes and drug profits to bring people or even weapons of mass destruction to the U.S.

Well that just sucks. Realistically, however, I think we’re relying on a rather twisted interpretation of the drug traffickers’ agenda here. These guys are making huge profits and they don’t want to rock the boat. Terrorists might pay for cover upfront, but they’re bad for business in the long term. I doubt high-level traffickers would deliberately abate straight-up terrorists whose goal is basically to kill their customers. They bring a different kind of attention that you seriously don’t want if you’re just moving a product.

Still, it’s certainly true that the massive blackmarket infrastructure has led to the development of invisible networks and services that terrorists could take advantage of. If you’re selling underground transit, you don’t ask too many questions of your customers. It’s not willful collaboration we should be worried about, so much as the reality that there’s an industry built around bringing anyone and anything into our country.

After decades of drug war demolition tactics throughout South and Central America, the situation is worse than ever. As new threats emerge, the drug war continues to literally puncture every mechanism that might protect us.
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Unregulated Big Money Goes Further Underground

If the USA really wanted to stop terrorism, it would start by legalizing drugs. What the pubic does not understand there is a big difference between a evil drug lord and happy hippy growing marijuana. The government's wants to put everything in the same basket.

The big scare is that some drug consumers do sponser terrorism; but many of these same people want a peaceful world in which to get high in. Illegal demand is not going away. And I would suspect it is going to get bigger the worse off we get as an economy.

It is government that is letting criminals get richer, and more dangerous. Progress happens when we take the money away from those that would do us harm. And give it back to the people.

The DEA struggling to remain relevant

There is no way drug trafficking kingpins are going to tolerate terrorist groups threatening their profit stream by bringing unwanted attention from law enforcement. They will knock off the terrorists themselves before that happens.

I'm concerned about these "law enforcement" bureaucrats wanting to divert funds from the war on real terrorists to busting 16 year old Colombian girls smuggling cocaine.

This could be an ominous sign

that drug law reformers and Constitution-supporting Americans should take note of. I fully agree that the concern for fund diversion is there, but it's MUCH WORSE than that.

Following is the original or a related story link:

Note the dissenting opinions from others in the article. Not that anyone that matters will consider them. Those in power do pretty much whatever they want in this area. Many "reps" in Washington will listen wide-eyed and gladly sign on to anything if someone, no matter how biased, says it's "anti-terrorist.

The head of the National Narcotics Association proclaimed at this years gaggle that supporters of marijuana reform were supporting/were domestic terrorists. Look at how the Maryland State Police justified spying on anti-war and anti-death penalty reformers:

Back to my main point......

Right now the ONLY justified link, which disregards pharmaceutical opiate purchases, between ANY drug and terrorism is the opium/heroin taliban link. Never mind there that WE paid the taliban 42 million a few months before 911. Reckon how much of that money helped finance what happened?

Our concern should be over what further rights are taken from us when any reformers, who by wishing to reform laws that "stop terrorists" can be said to be "helping them". The Patriot Act and other anti-terror/drug war laws can then be used against ANY Americans suspected of being involved with ANY drug since "they all support terrorism". No more warrants to eavesdrop on cell phones or tap landline phones. No more due process period. The same actions taken now against REAL terrorists can be used against any of US. I think we all should be very concerned about this.

I don't use illegal drugs, but that won't matter. Just wanting to reform laws and move from criminal to medical drug policies will be enough for "them".

BTW - look up the definition of terrorist and see whether we or those malicious, merciless, drug war mercenaries better fit the definition. Even really sick and elderly people ( and pets ) mean NOTHING to them.

Al Capone vs. Osama


Ain`t it strange at how "drug" prohibition seems to fuel violence. Surely money couldn`t be at the root of all this evil. Surely not. Want to be a big time drug trafficking cowboy? Think CIA.



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