The Amazing Gigantic Missing Heroin Stash

Here’s another completely odd phenomenon discovered in the laboratory of drug prohibition:

It's a mystery that has got British law enforcement officials and others across the planet scratching their heads. Put bluntly, enough heroin to supply the world's demand for years has simply disappeared.

For the past three years, production has been running at almost twice the level of global demand. The numbers just don't add up. [BBC]

Get it? Afghanistan is producing far more heroin than the entire world even uses. So where the hell did it go?

The answer is easy. It’s in a massive underground refrigerator. Seriously, that’s exactly where it is. These guys are storing enough heroin to survive a nuclear holocaust. If we killed every poppy plant on the planet tomorrow, they wouldn’t run out for years. These heroin barons aren’t the nicest people and we’re making them rich with our silly drug war. Anyone who still thinks flamethrowers and helicopter patrols are going to solve the heroin problem needs to chill for a minute and think about what’s happening here.
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I love this post

God, I love this post. Flawless post.

Cool, thanks

Feel free to read it as many times as you like.

Massive Heroin Stash

I totally believe the that truckloads are being made and that they are stashing some too but putting it in underground refrigerators? That is stretching when you consider the size of storage needed. It would be simpler to store it underground in a country with permafrost and consider part of the importing allready done.


I was exaggerating about the refrigerators. It's just underground in enormous tunnels.

Nuke 'em

It's two-pronged. Reduce demand and supply. Cracking down the supply has to be so severe you need a sledgehammer. Don't cry or boo-hoo that innocent people will be affected. They already are. It's time for justice and the heavy hand. Cry havoc and unleash the hounds of hell on the suppliers!

The difference between heroin & state-sanctioned opiate use?

A state-licensed clinic can operate everyday 5am - 10am to give synthetic opiates (methadone) to addicts but they can't provide natural opiates (heroin). Does this make sense? Politicians will say: "Well we don't want kids to get the wrong idea." But you have legal opiate distribution to addicts! The great irony, even though it is being distributed in my city, I bet the vast majority of adults couldn't tell you where a single methadone clinic is located off the top of their head or even know such a program exists. It's all on how you market it (ask the drug dealers themselves who have a hundred different names for heroin.... H, Horse, Junk, cheese, Black tar, Mexican Mud. Well treatment specialists marketed their synthetic opiate as an "anti-addiction" drug even though it has similar effects to heroin, dependence develops quickly, and withdrawal symptoms almost as sever can last week. What's to be done?

better than the alternative

I don't think that methadone is made to cure people from being dependant on opiates but it just provides something that doesn't impair you and still deals with your need for the opiates so you can continue with life even if you are still addicted

one more thing the drug warriors are in denial about

go have another drink of your favorite drug, you naughty boys and girls.

right on

I wouldn't be at all surprised if you are correct--the drug barons are simply stock piling the excess. Not only does that give them a hedge against any attempt to dry up supply but by holding back a large percentage of their product, they artificially inflate the price.

Oil and precious gem cartels use this strategy, it is only natural to assume the drug barons will use it, too.

it's likely that...

we will need that heroin for pain control some day in the not too distant future, and afghanistan will be invaded, and then supported, for their heroin supply.

How Many People Use It

Besides what gets busted.......

Who knows how much Opium and bi-products
are used in a year, by people in the whole world.
No one could even make a guess!
There are a whole lot of Opiate users out there.
End The Drug War....End All War

Where did it go?


The CIA imported a good bit to the U.S.A. most likely. A lack of supply in hard times means top $$$.

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