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How Come "Joe Sixpack" is an American Hero, While "Joe Stoner" Gets Arrested?

Paul Armentano at NORML points to Sarah Palin's glorification of "Joe Sixpack" in the vice presidential debate. Indeed, one could scarcely overstate the naked hypocrisy of portraying daily drinkers as American heroes, while our nation continues to arrest nearly a million Americans each year for using marijuana.

I usually leave the alcohol analogy alone, assuming that it often speaks for itself, and when it doesn’t, the guys at SAFER can be counted on to point it out. But there are moments -- like hearing a major party VP candidate canonize alcohol users in a massively public forum – that remind us how truly discriminatory and fundamentally illogical this disparity is. If regulated sale is the best policy for alcohol, then it is the best policy for marijuana. And if people who drink a sixpack after work can be American heroes, so too are those who derive pleasure and relaxation from cannabis.

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pretty pathetic, isn't it?

if regulated sale is the best policy for alcohol, then it is the best policy for marijuana, which is so much less dangerous to life and limb and fetus.

Big Alcohol fears the regulation of the marjiuana market

I would give consideration to the idea that the alcohol industry doesn't want marijuana legal because a legal marijuana industry would be more regulated than the alcohol industry, such as a ban on all billboards. They fear that those regulations would later on be applied to their marketing.

Pig with lipstick

Who would have thought a Vice Presidential Candidate, who was a member of a Pentocostal church, who believes marijuana legalization would send the wrong message to our kids, would give a call out to all Joe Six Packers?

There are so many people like her. All over the suburbs of Dallas, TX there are several initiatives to make alcohol more easily accessible. I'm a Joe Six Packer but we could sure use some SAFER philosophy around here to calm down some of these alcoholic conservatives.

Vice President of Sales

Maybe Sarah Palin is expected to plug Budweiser for Cindy McCain?

joe six-pack

I have almost given up on commenting about the unreal prohibition of cannabis. Someway, somehow this madness must stop. I'm reminded of a recent drug sweep in a school where a young girl was soo humiliated by being cought with some stems and seeds that she tried to commit suicide.
I would say this. If my teenager had committed suicide over a marijuana arrest, I'm afraid that my Joe six-pack instincts would take over and there would be other deaths. You see, I might have to start stalking drug warriors just as they stalk decent American citizens who are minding their own business with cannabis instead of alcohol. Sarah Palin's endorsement of Joe six-pack is shameful at best and words fail me for how distasteful this bitch is.

Alcohol industry is the enemy of drug legalization

All one has to do to see the motive behind the Alcohol industry is look to who they have funded in the past. Not only did the Partnership for a Drug Free America get milllions for the alcohol industry , they helped put there ads on TV. In 1983, when RID(Remove Intoxicated Drivers), the nation first anti-DWI group joined the SMART(Stop Marketing Alcohol on Radio & Television) they were promptly banned by the broadcaster from appearing on national Televsion. A ban that is still enforced to this day.

The alcohol industry wants groups that put the focus of drugs in a negative light to the public while ignoring the much more damaging effects of their products. Don't underestimate the power and influence of the alcohol industry. They were successful in derailing a health campaign that stated alcohol is in fact a drug. They profit and benefit greatly from our current policy of drug prohibition more than any other group in America. Why do you suppose it's nearly impossible to get someone who favors legalization or someone from LEAP on the air. Could it be that the broadcasters are under the influence of the alcohol industry? The Drug War is the hottest topic that being ignored by the mainstream media as well as the two leading Presidential candidates. Just look at who profits from that silence and you'll understand why the alcohol industry is the enemy of drug legalization.

Alcohol industry is just trying to cover their @$$$

Alcohol industry would love to sell a commercial version of Sativex. They are legal drug dealers who are just trying to deflect the drug war limelight away from themselves. Quite frankly I'm glad the alcohol industry supports anti-DWI initiatives. The marijuana policy reform groups should be at the forefront of this stuff and not cede this turf to prohibitionists.

pot laws

It's so hypocritical of the major world powers, specifically the World Police State the U.S.A. to be arresting law-abiding people for enjoying a little plant that you can grow in your garden, when they let the pharmaceutical companies market their "legal drugs". When I hear about some of the side effects of some of this garbage it boggles my mind to think I can go to jail for relaxing with my favourite herb. As far as medical marijuana is concerned, it's absurd to know there's a pain reliever that's less harmful but is put into the same category as heroin. I've been enjoying pot for over 30 years and I don't plan to give it up. Like Willie Nelson says it's the best way to relieve stress. I say what's wrong with feeling good.

Hypocrisy on Parade


Why hasn`t Sarah talked about her Cannabis use or been asked about it in the debate[s]? What was that about pot sales in Bumfunk, Kentucky supporting the Taliban and Al-Kayda? Did that nickel bag on the streets of Memphis buy a bullet for a "terrorists" in Afghanistan? Does the U.S.A. government know that heroin is being sent to this country via Afghanistan? How many "Politicians" are alcoholikkks? Can`t see the forest for the tree`s huh?

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