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Mark Souder vs. The New Drug War Politics

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Drug war hall-of-famer Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) is running for re-election in a tight race, yet his campaign site doesn’t say one word about his extensive contributions as the leading congressional advocate for "tough on drugs" policies. It’s easily the defining issue of his political career, yet with everything on the line, he doesn’t seem to think his drug war demagoguery is a selling point for his campaign.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Mark Souder’s campaign has determined that it would be "political suicide" to associate him with the increasingly unpopular war on drugs? Welcome to the new drug war politics, Mark Souder. We made you a nametag and saved a seat next to Bob Barr. When can we expect you?

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Mark Souder, a future Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate?

That would be nice. If Bob Barr can come around, anything can happen. People are thirsting for effective solutions that don't involve multi-billion dollar price tags.

Bob Barr... Barely! Mark Souder... Over His Dead Body!

I've voted Libertarian for over 20 years... but not this time!

Barrs conversion is welcome, even if politically calculated, but it doesn't qualify as redemption or some atonement for past crimes. Bobs position on marijuana is not that libertarian to begin with... his argument for marijuana decrim revolves around federalism & states rights... not individual/human rights!

Libertarians are pro-choice on everything... placing individual rights over federalism!

Stop tolerating the intolerant,

Billy B. Blunt
Tacoma, WA

But Souder said...

... he considers the war on drugs a "moral issue". Barr has no moral compulsions. IN. big pharma has always backed Souder ,but he'll need them more than ever this year.LOSER!

People change

To say Bob Barr has no moral compulsions on the "drug war" issue or any other is ludicrous. We all do.

As the Drug War Fades...

So goes the careers of those who’ve made the drug war their only pitch for fame and fortune in politics.

The realities of the Drug War are quickly metastasizing in the remote recesses of the public consciousness.  For drug warrior politicians such as Mark Souder, support for cannabis prohibition is now like hitching your political wagon to a boat anchor and pushing it off the end of a pier.


Click through to Souder's website...

and ask why he isn't proud enough of his accomplishments as a drug warrior to reveal his "battle scars" to his constituency? It's obviously not because he's "winning" or that the problem has gone away. It's important that everyone take these drug warriors to task on their past actions, and to let them know, even if we don't live in Indiana (thank God) that the end is near for Prohibitionists and Drug Warriors!

Don't get too comfortable....

....It ain't over til it's over.

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