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Don’t Complain About Police Corruption if You Support the Drug War

Submitted by smorgan on
Time provides a vivid description of the extent of police corruption in the Mexican drug war:

Few rituals are more futile than the "housecleaning" of Mexico's police forces. So deep, broad and brazen is cop corruption south of the border that removing it makes eradicating rats from landfills look easy. Mexico stages quasi-annual purges of officers high and low — last year it was 284 federal police commanders — and yet every year it seems to find itself with an even more criminal constabulary. This year's scandals, however, are especially appalling…

Time then proceeds to recommend giving Mexico lots of money and technical assistance, while getting Americans to stop snorting so much damn cocaine all the time. It’s really just amazing that any thinking, breathing individual can even look at this and still prescribe 'trying harder' as the solution to this spiraling fiasco. Stop doing that. Just stop. You’re not helping.

Everyone knows pushing a few dollars around won’t do anything. We all know that, so shut up. Just admit you don’t know what to do…or call one of the many reformers who can provide a new perspective. But stop saying the same stupid crap over and over. It’s boring. And it’s wrong.

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