Police Steal Xbox From Innocent Marijuana Suspect

This is exactly the sort of daily injustice that comes to mind when drug war proponents insist that no one goes to jail for marijuana. It’s false, but also completely beside the point. You don’t even have to have any marijuana to get screwed over in the war on drugs:

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Abuse of Authority

The whole thing sounds messed up to me. Using the excuse that he "smelled" marijuana, so he searched the car and after finding no drugs took the most expensive thing in the car? That is a clear abuse of authority.


So does the story end there?

I wanna know if they are going to fire this asshole armed robber disguised as a cop, or will it be filed as a "Miscommunication."

Just Doin' our Job

a little surprised they didn't drop a joint in his garbage.

His system is gone...forever

Having grown up around large numbers of police (father was a cop) I have a pretty fair understanding of how things work. First, the officer of course shouldnt have confiscated the system in the first place. Secondly, police are required to provide you a reciept if they do confiscate something, not just tell you to call them and they will meet you somewhere to return it. That way you have a document to prove what it is that you are supposed to be having returned to you if the officer that actually confiscated the item is not available for some reason. Also, while police reports are not required for a traffic stop in most instances, any traffic stop that ends with an arrest, a further investigation, or the confiscation of the car or anything in the car does require that a police report be filed immediately.

Apparently, none of these things happened. The reporter says there wasnt even a record of the traffic stop at all. This was wrong, an abuse of power, and quite frankly sanctioned theft. If this is allowed, what prevents an officer from looking in your window of your home, deciding that you don't look like you should be able to afford that really nice flat TV on your wall or that it is out of place in your neihborhood and confiscating that until such time as you can prove to the officer that you purchased it? What if you didnt purchase it from a store? What if you bought whatever it may be from a yard sale ( I see x boxs and tons of games for sale at yard sales all the time).

The X-box is gone forever. This was simply theft.

Armed robbery

These cops have obviously gotten away with robbing people like that black man so many times they see little risk in putting their police career on the line for a video game set.

Sad but true

Well said. This reflects terribly on existing standards of professionalism.

Erin J response

This kind of thing happens all the time, I am just so suprised that this ONE incident got national attention. Should the law enforcement agencies investigate? YES! Will they....NO. SHould this officer be fired or suspended without leave? YES! WIll it happen, probably not. I praise the victim on obvioulsy getting the badge number and filing a complaint in this incident, but what does this say about our legal system as Americans.What will we do to ensure our rights are not infringed upon by any police officer who didn't have any friends in high school and now abuses his authority on the streets as a bully. The answer is simple: STOP consenting to searches...the probable cause LIE wouldn't have held up in court in this situation, there was no reason for the young man to be searched. Either stand for something or Fall for ANYTHING!

Report the X-Box as stolen?

Maybe he should report it as stolen? He has a receipt, with the serial #. If the cop has it.....can he be arrested for possession of stolen property....or even theft?

abuse of power

A perfect example of guilty until proven innocent!!!!!

some cops are gangsters with

some cops are gangsters with a badge...

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