Will Banning Blunts Reduce Marijuana Use?

No, of course not, but let me introduce you to some people who actually believe it will:

Council Bans Sale of Single Cigars in Bid to Curb Youths' Marijuana Use

The Prince George's County Council adopted one of the nation's most sweeping restrictions on the sale of cigars yesterday, an effort to curb a growing trend among urban youths of using hollowed-out cigars to smoke marijuana.

The council voted 8 to 1 to ban the sale of single cigars, requiring stores to sell them in packages of at least five. The new law will also make it easier to charge someone possessing a cigar with a drug paraphernalia offense…[Washington Post]

How much easier? I’d like to know more. Why would you charge someone with a drug offense for possessing cigars? If they have drugs, you can charge them for that. This is ridiculous.

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a stupid idea when you’re trying to save the children:

Sylvia Quinton, who works with the Suitland-based Substance Abuse Treatment Education Prevention Network, said use of short fat cigars, often called blunts, to smoke marijuana has "become embedded in youth culture." Blunts make frequent cameos in rap music and movies.

She said the new law cannot stamp out the glorification of blunts, but raising the price might discourage some youths.

Are you crazy? If they can afford marijuana, they will find a way to smoke it. No one’s gonna give up on smoking a $10 bag because they couldn’t get a blunt for a buck. Not only will this plan fail overall, it will never work even one time on anybody, ever. They will eat their stash raw before surrendering to you.

Not to mention the glaring and hysterical fact that you can still buy boxes of blunts and get high five times, while saving some change. This is nothing but a much-needed lesson in economics for people who constantly waste weed by rolling it up in big slimy stinking blunt papers that spill herb into your mouth and make you smell like schwag for a day and a half.

The fact that we’re even talking about this is an enormous exhibit in the embarrassing failure of our marijuana laws.
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dumb dumb dumb.

Did these people forget that its still illegal to sell tabaccoo products (including cigars) to minors?

You missed the point.

This is a positive youth development issue and a public health issue as well as than a drug war issue. Single cigarettes do not come with the surgeon general warning as do cigar packages. And, studies have shown that cigarette use among minors is decreasing while cigar use among minors is increasing. Youth are saying - "well, at least I do not smoke cigarettes - not realizing that cigar smoking is more hazardous to their health than cigarettes. Also, the law aims to curn impluse buying by youth. This is a much larger issue than initially visible on the surface. And, the law exempts establishments were adults frequent. SO, if adults decide to harm their health we say - fine go ahead.

still makes no sense

The law will not curb the ability, of underage children, to get an older person to buy the cigars or cigarettes for them. Kids cannot legally buy them NOW!!! My 35 year old wife was still getting carded when, previously, buying cigarettes! If kids are buying them, as you seem to imply, they are the criminals! (along with the establishments that will sell to them) It's already against the law!! Why add another, unenforceable, law? You don't have a valid point. And, where do you get your information on the cigar using behavior in kids? Your post is not real convincing, to me.

And, my wife has recenlty quit smoking. I was smart enough to never start!

It is, just another ill conceived, and not well thought out, law.

Marijuana, not Tobacco.

While I agree that stopping underage consumption of tobacco is a very big concern, using marijuana in a cigar wrap is not the same.

?using MJ

The article is on the restriction of the availability of cigars, not MJ. I do not think anyone under the age of 18 should be allowed to use any mind altering substance, including alcohol. No one knows what drugs do to the young brain. But, as I stated the article has nothing to do with that. You been smoking "wacky tobacky"?

Your have been misinformed...

"Youth are saying - "well, at least I do not smoke cigarettes - not realizing that cigar smoking is more hazardous to their health than cigarettes."

A couple new scientific studies have shown that while blunts and cannabis have more tar and dangerous stuff, the THC kills off the weak cells in your body. This allows the stronger, less cancer susceptible cells to flourish.

So whether you believe it or not, science has proven that bud smokers are less susceptible to cancer than those that smoke the "lung darts".

Harvard also says that THC cuts lung cancer tumor growth in half and virtually stops the spreading.

God only knows what this miracle drug can do for us.

We may find out if the world loses it's paranoid, racist, and archaic drug laws. This way much more testing would be completed.

Have some common sense people. People that smoke Marijuana don't cause problems. Legalize it already.

Fairly dumb, yeah

Is this the Prince George's County of Cheye Calvo fame? I suppose that's fitting. This article seems more like something from the Onion than a real newspaper.

Another erosion of freedom for nothing

Stupid stupid stupid. I know! Let's ban EVERYTHING. That'll stop illegal use of anything, right? Just put everyone in jail and be done with it. Better yet, put the clowns who make stupid laws in jail for the good of society.

Land of the free, my ass.


Ok, so if I lived there I could no longer buy a single cigar to roll a blunt with, but I could still buy 5 at a time? Even if they went one step further and banned all cigar sales, do they really think that anything would change with regards to Marijuana use?

Discounting blunts here is a partial list of items that can/would/are used to effectively smoke marijuana...

1. Rolling papers such as Zig Zag's
2. modified aluminum can
3. Glass pipes
4. brass pipes
5. Apples
6. Modified Toilet paper rolls
7. Bongs
8. Aluminum foil
9. Vaporizer
10. Modified plastic water bottle
11. Hooka
12. wooden pipes (purchased or home made)
13. Modified bamboo shoot
14. Ratchet sockets
15. PVC
16. The GROUND or dirt, if one was so inclined.
17. Roll your own filtered cigarrette tubes
18. Modified aluminum or glass turkey baster
19. Modified oxygen mask

This is a VERY partial list of things I could think of off the top of my head that I have used at one point or another in my 20 year marijuana smoking carreer other than a Cigar to be used as a blunt. Personally I think I may have smoked a blunt maybe two or three times in that same 20 years. Hell, in order to smoke some herb all a person needs is a kitchen sink, a plastic milk container and some aluminum foil and *POOF* you have yourself a gravity bong (which is actually a much more efficient method of consuming smoked marijuana than a blunt anyway).

This is probably one of the most ludacris peices of prohibitionist legislation I have ever heard of and will have absolutely NO effect at all on the consumption of Marijuana!

The problem with prohibitionists is that they are trying to fight against a culture that they simply don't understand and people that they have far underestimated. As long as the prohibitionist continue to believe that users of marijuana are nothing more than stereotypical "stoners", uneducated, unmotivated, lazy lops then everything they do is always aimed at that lowest common denominator. That is to thier disadvantage in the long term. They do things like ban cigar sales and consider that a win for thier side in the war on drugs when in fact it has no impact at all what-so-ever as users will simply adapt. Seriously, what stops a person from walking into a store, buying 25 cigars in 5 cigar packs, taking them home or wherever he goes and re-selling those same cigars one at a time for a profit? Maybe the local dealer buys those cigars and throws one in for free for every bag you buy from him.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Thanks for the list. BTW, the modified oxygen mask is a bad scene. I disapprove. I knew some dudes in college who attached one to a large gravity bong and it worked a little too well. It was marijuana abuse.

And yet, those boys graduated and are doing great. Even the most committed marijuana enthusiasts I met in college are better off today because no one caught them and intervened.

Smoke Like a Scythian

Adding to the list of smoking devices above, a smoking method introduced by the ancient Scythians (c. 700 B.C.E.) used rocks heated in a fire onto which cannabis was placed and the resulting smoke inhaled.

A technique that somewhat imitates the Scythian approach is to heat the tips of two knives in a gas stove flame and then press a small amount of bud between the hot knife tips while inhaling the vapor.  This method puts out a big hit and is really good for finishing off roaches.

Stupid is as stupid does....

They would have to ban 'fire' to put a dent in smoking. I can see it all now, people going to jail for lighters, matches, camp fires, outdoor grills, lanterns, etc. Then cannabis culture would evolve into eating the stuff, primarily. Nothing like a mj loli-pop anyway. Then these same crazy xenomorphs would have to ban food.


"Sylvia Quinton, who works with the Suitland-based Substance Abuse Treatment Education Prevention Network, said use of short fat cigars, often called blunts, to smoke marijuana has "become embedded in youth culture." Blunts make frequent cameos in rap music and movies."

And this is the primary reason they want to make blunts illegal. This is proof that it's more about repressing the marijuana culture than it is about protecting kids. This is hardly different from pony tails being illegal in San Francisco when the chinese first started immigrating to the US.

Retarded laws

What the hell is banning cigars got shit to do with stopping true pot heads from getting high. smoking pots a way of life an i see no prob in it. You ban the use of cigars i can assure you there will be other ways to get high its what us pot heads now how to do


Ladies and gentleman, with folks like this in elected office, its time to look at what the hell people are voting for. I'm 68 yrs old and thought I had heard pretty much everything. But again I'm shocked, this person sounds like my ex mother in law. Her simple minded plan is simple for sure, "if people can't buy it they won't use it". Hows that for clear thinking? And she's not alone, I live in Arkansas, here we still have "dry counties", prohibition lives. So the only way I can think of to overcome this, is everyone take part in all elections.

J.D. Lape' Monticello Ar.

Single cigars down..

Next up, brownie mix. Better stock up chocolate enthusiasts.

get it right

this law sounds like it is mostly for blacks "Sylvia Quinton, who works with the Suitland-based Substance Abuse Treatment Education Prevention Network, said use of short fat cigars, often called blunts, to smoke marijuana has "become embedded in youth culture." Blunts make frequent cameos in rap music and movies." like all drug laws they are aimed at minorities where i live its mostly blacks who smoke blunts where we whites use pipes so its not that they dont like you smoking blunts they dont like you because your black those dirty bastards fuck them and buy a pipe tobacco kills


just like banning forks will make ya loose weight.

They already banned the

They already banned the selling of cigar blunts in another area of Prince George's County,Largo,Maryland. This, of course does not curb marijuana use because gas station attendants simply can take the cigars out of the pack and sell them as single blunts (they do that already). Half of gas stations don't even card people for tobacco products and they are not about to lose the money they make from blunt sales to sell packs of cigars. I agree with "Get it Right's"post, this is targeted toward blacks or minorities, they are usually smoked in the black communities. If they ban the sell of cigrs, they should ban the sell of tobacco rolling papers (also called "white boys"),bongs, pipes and anything else SMOKABLE....Marijuana is embedded in our culture, the sooner the Govt decded to face this reality, the sooner we will have more progressive drug law.

What a dumb idea...

If anything this will cause more smoking.

Most true smokers already buy the five pack, and the amatuer smokers will start soon.

You got the extra blunts, you might as well find something to throw in them...

blunts is the best

i like evry1 on herbs sides coments, but im tired of heering online that joints and pieces are better and are more "conservative". true a bong or even a pipe wil make your bud last longer. and a joint or spliff uses less. but i gota say, like 2/3 of wat i smoke is blunts, and all i gota say is they just get u soo fucked up. ther just so fun especially compared to say cans or apples ir vapes.

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