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New Study: Marijuana Might be Good for Your Memory

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It’s hard to overstate the extent to which marijuana does the opposite of what the government says it does:

The more research they do, the more evidence Ohio State University scientists find that specific elements of marijuana can be good for the aging brain by reducing inflammation there and possibly even stimulating the formation of new brain cells.

"When we're young, we reproduce neurons and our memory works fine. When we age, the process slows down, so we have a decrease in new cell formation in normal aging. You need those cells to come back and help form new memories, and we found that this THC-like agent can influence creation of those cells," said Yannick Marchalant, a study coauthor and research assistant professor of psychology at Ohio State. []

Over and over again, research finds that marijuana appears to prevent the exact conditions we were told it might cause. It’s amazing and we’re only just getting started. Not long from now, it’s quite likely that we’ll be faced with a new climate in which marijuana’s seemingly endless medical applications become impossible to ignore, even among those most determined to do so.

In the meantime, how do we explain to skeptics that marijuana is something completely different than they’ve been led to believe? Even the most sympathetic people look at me like I’m crazy when I explain that marijuana doesn’t cause cancer and may even cure it. We’re conditioned to instinctively reject a notion such as that and it usually takes a considerable amount of personal research and reflection to even become receptive to the reality that marijuana is a fascinating substance of untold potential.

If nothing else, it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to understand why marijuana users so often report wonderful outcomes in their lives. Many of the drug’s effects are decidedly positive and the only way to obscure that fact is to constantly obstruct users from participating in public discussions of what marijuana actually is.
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medicial marijuana

Very nicely writing, l suffer from a liver disorder brought on to me, by 5 different narcotics, priscribed by doctors. Today, i am pill free and addicted free. All thanks to those who are helping or trying to help the government out...Good Luck


I agree that the medications you recieved may have damaged your liver. Even Howrad Hughes may have had kidney failure and related problems form the medication he took for years. But it was not the codeine (narcotics are likely the safest when it comes to this) But it was a result of a thing called phenacetin. Most likley, the reason you developed the trouble you did was the over-prescription of tylenol, chronically, that is in the pain pills given to most people.

I had a chronic pain patient who broke his leg once. When admitted to the hospital his Polish born internist proclaimed "the pain medication is damaging your liver because your liver enzymes are very elevated". Being a trauma surgeon, I would have never made such a claim. The fact is a broken leg also results in damage to the surrounding musculature, whose enzymes apprear to be the same as in the liver! If properly studied, one can determine that it was from the muscle injury. But, there was a much simpler way. Watch them, as they precipitously drop to normal, as the muscle starts to heal. It happened in his case!! Within two days, the "liver" enzymes were back to normal! The elevated GOT and LDH were result of the trauma and not "narcotics affecting his liver". If a doctor is this ignorant, how can one expect a laymen to know the difference. Science has proven the safety of opiods that have been used for centuries. And the addiction rate among chronic intractable pain patients is likey less than one per cent (some studies show less than .001%) Just a little FYI to let you know the us doctors are not always right about other things, as well.

Malkavian's picture

All those non-narcotic painkillers

Is there even one non-narcotic painkiller/nsaid that doesn't damage the liver or something else vital? Recently ibuprofen has been shown to even cause heart disease (in addition to the "usual" internal bleedings and ulcers). Of course that sort of thing doesn't happen with just a couple of over-the-counter pills, but they're frequently prescribed in far greater doses for those with more chronic ills.

As far as I know there's no natural opiod that causes this sort of damage. I'm not even sure there are any of the popular synthetic ones that does so (but maybe you guys know more regarding those?).


Opiod containing pain pills are among the safest medications known to man. Tylenol and Nsaids likely kill many more people (NSAIDS estimated at 16,000 per year from the bleeding you mentioned,alone!) each year.

My mother gets inadequate pain care and takes, way too many, Tylenol tablets every week, along with her Tylenol containing prescriptions! I worry for her safety!

The synthetic opiods do not have similar damaging affect on the liver or kidneys, either.

Practicing Medicine

How many years have you been practicing ?
When was the last time you went back to school to catch up with new techniques ?

You might want to do some research on schooling after graduating med. school.

go back to school?

In response to your demeaning comment!

Doctors, hopefully continue their schooling with every day of their lives. I graduated in 1979 and finished a five year surgical residency in 1984. I also took a two year university course in the practice of pain management. I really doubt your qualification to question my education! I don't even know why I bothered responding to it!? I guess because there are so many out there that know more than me without any education at all!

Malkavian's picture

Musicians' brains

I recently heard of a brain study that proved that musicians seemed (for reasons unknown) to have healthier brains that the general population. This was explained by the researchers that maybe using your brain to compose music all day somehow has some positive effect on the brain.

I just can't helpt thinking that musicians are reknowned for using cannabis more than the general population, so that's where the correlation is. At least the above study is circumstantial evidence for my hypothesis.

An Anecdote

Makes me think of a lazy afternoon back in college. Sitting around doing what you do in college, getting high with friends and talking about the world. Anyway, on this particular afternoon my buddy exhales his hit and says to me, "What if this, this is it." I tell him to explain.

He says (paraphrased), "Maybe this plant was put here as the key to this world. What if God is just up there monitoring how we utilize this plant? What if he made this the key our existence? Think about it. Think about all the medical benefits, not to mention the ones we probably don't even know about. Think of the harmlessness in relation to other drugs. What if everyone just smoked a little pot instead of getting blackout drunk or wired out on stimulants? And think about hemp dude! Hemp! Hemp's one of the most renewable resources on earth and we are out there destroying it! *rattles off at least a dozen things hemp can be used for* Think about what this plant could be used for that we don't even know about yet! What if God created this plant to help us out here on earth? What if it's a vital part to the master plan! What if he's up there shaking his head at our stupidity right now?"

We were definitely stoned, but hey, who knows? Not like the plant has been thoroughly studied! Funny to think about those memories now that we're a couple of suits, and amazing that was even illegal activity to begin with! I hope this craziness comes to and end in my lifetime. Considering I believe we're only at the beginning of this financial crisis, I think people might start forming a very different opinion of the resources our government is pouring into this meaningless war on a plant.

Erin J says

Not to self-incriminate, but marijuana use does help with the stimulation of memories now that I think of it. When THC enters your body, your thoughts flow more freely, if you think long enough, you may start thinking about things from your childhood, your last relationship and all those other things stored deep away in your mind. Marijuana is a natural plant so its use for medical purposes should be no shock to any academic or someone with general knowledge about medicine. Before the institution of pharmaceutical companies and brands like Tylenol, the indigenous people of this world only could rely on natural cures.People have been trained to believe that it is natural to "catch" colds, viruses or other illnesses and that their is some "man-made" cure that will rid you of all of these things: SO NOT TRUE! It's really simple, and the term medical marijuana will not be as foreign in years to come as doctors, nurses and everyday people begin to notice the wonders of the Marijuana plant and the THC minerals found inside of it!


yea i agree erin marijuana allows your brain to be relieved of all the thoughts that are troubleing you and focus on one subject so your mind isnt raceing around i believe it is great for trying to figure stuff out it also helps you relaxe wich can be great and i have heard of studies where it helps people that are diagnosed with depression or even anorexia i dont understand how blind some people are and how stubborn the goverment is there really isnt anything wrong with weed except for heavy use might harm the lungs a bit

memory issues after stopping

I stopped smoking 40 days ago - I never had a problem with my memory while on pot. Since I've lost my keys, forgotten my cell phone, forgotten my wallet, forgotten my work badge - all things i NEVER did while having a weekend and some days habit.
I'm wondering if my brain is rewiring itsefl? I'm a little distressed by this - otherwise I feel quite clear and health. This is the reason I have sought out this blog - Anyone else have this experience?

open up your minds!

im sitting here reading everyones arguments involving marijauna and i couldnt agree more with the people who really know about the herb from experience. when marijuana was first studied in the U.S. the government stated all these "FACTS" about the "DRUG" and how it turned normal people in bloodthirsty lunatics and caused severe brain damage and was as hard of a drug as cocaine, acid, and even heroin... fuck that. few people started illegaly smoking pot and realized that these claims were all false. to keep the people misinformed and to continue to keep everyone away from the drug, the government kept all this hidden and again overpowered the people. Now that all these new studies are being done "PROVING" that pot is harmful in other ways, what makes the people believe the government again? is it because the government controls everything we do, everything we know, and everything we believe? ive been smoking pot every day for 3 years. my GPA has never dropped below a 3.5 and i am constantly getting better at sports. pot has never killed anyone and it is ridiculous to say that someone can hallucinate so bad while driving that they slam it in reverse while going 40 MPH. maybe that person was high but there is no possible way that marijuana influenced that person to drive like that. i bet ive drove high a thousand times and ive never had that retarded urge to do such a thing. and ive never been pulled over. funny huh? the average person drives drunk 9 times before being pulled over for swerving. the numbers are completely uncomparable between pills, alcohol, and pot. open up your minds and judge for yourself

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