San Francisco Chronicle Catches Drug Czar in a Crazy Lie

The drug czar's recent claim that there are more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks stores in San Francisco has finally achieved the level of public embarrassment it so thoroughly deserved.

San Francisco's Department of Public Health, which issues permits for medical marijuana dispensaries, is also befuddled by the federal data.

"It was extremely incorrect," said Larry Kessler, a senior health inspector at the department. "I don't know how they got that." [San Francisco Chronicle]

SF Chronicle obtained the alleged dispensary list from ONDCP and found double listings, closed businesses, and even a business in Los Angeles. With their fraud fully exposed, ONDCP has issued a totally bizarre reply saying it's "good news" that their story got press.

It’s straight-up insane. By the time you get to the part about how many Taco Bells there are in San Francisco, you’ll join me in hoping Sarah Palin is the next drug czar so we can at least get MSNBC to give these clowns the daily fact-checking they deserve.
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O'Reilly Factor investigates MM/Starbucks Claim

The O'Reilly Factor will be devoting a segment of it's program on the claim that San Francisco has more Marijuana dispenseries than Starbucks, tonight(11-19).

Last night, the O' Factor did a report where it sent gum shoe reporter Jess Waters to San Francisco. The prevelance of Marijuana was highlighted in the story and in a negative manner. So it will be interesting to see how they cover this story. It would be disappointing if the Factor doesn't have a Marijuana advocate represent the other side of this issue. It would be even more frustrating if they found some slacker/stoner to tear apart on the air. I would encourage all DRCNet readers to tune in and weight in their thoughts with E-mails(O'[email protected]) as how fair and balanced the coverage of this story was. At least, when it comes to reading E-mail about the show, both sides appear to be heard.

Mr. "Inside Edition" supports medical marijuana

Matter of fact, O'Reilly and ONDCP's Calvina Fay clashed over the issue on his show.

No Clash This Time

O'Reilly said on his 11/19 show that he 'knew' medical marijuana had been a 'ruse' all along.


High Schools, Starbucks and Taco Bells are easy places to score marijuana in any city of the country, so ONDCP needs to add pot leaves on their map for those places.

ONDCP is Imitating Bill O'Reilly's Hatred of San Francisco

The ONDCP looks as if it’s taking its cues from Bill O’Reilly’s rants about San Francisco.

John P. Walters preceded his current drug czar career by working in an organization dedicated to injecting more religion into government (Walters’ religion, of course).  With Walters’ ONDCP and other rightist wingnuts in bed together, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the same culture-baiting tactics employing sin-and-guilt by association with the city of San Francisco are being used in a feeble attempt to discredit medical cannabis.

Not only that, but the ONDCP is spending the taxpayers’ dime to promote a right wing religious agenda in violation of church-state separation.  Apparently, Walters’ violations of the Hatch Amendment weren’t enough to do the job.

John Walters is truly fortunate he works for the most corrupt presidential administration in recorded American history, otherwise he would be in real trouble.


Erin J

Politicians lie:point blank! When they are caught, they continue to lie, locking them in a whole web of lies. The drug war maniacs say things to scare the public into supporting its cause, this is just another example of that. And the Americans who are not menatlly tough enough to question their federal govt, not taking what they say as the gospel, are those that are fueled with the ammunition to outsmart the dimwits that are constantly lying to support this wa on Americans

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