People Who Punish Other People for Using Marijuana

Here’s a substance abuse counselor describing a new diversion program for marijuana offenders:

"We've had two groups go through the program now, and we are just thrilled with the results we've seen," she said. "Individuals are coming in with no real perception of how marijuana is impacting their lives." [Toledo Blade]

Could it be that marijuana wasn’t impacting their lives? If you forced a bunch of people into treatment for enjoying poetry, they’d be confused too. But after 48 hours of court-mandated therapy, I bet they’d tell you whatever you wanted to hear just to get the hell out of there. People can be terribly insincere when you hold a gun to their head.

I’m not saying there aren’t people who can benefit from marijuana treatment, but rather that having some in your pocket is a wildly insufficient diagnostic criteria for marijuana addiction. That’s like saying you’re an alcoholic if you have beer in the fridge.

And yet, despite the complete lunacy of indiscriminately forcing recreational marijuana users to complete drug addiction treatment, there are some who strongly believe a harsher approach is needed:

Bowling Green Police Chief Gary Spencer said he does not believe allowing people charged with a crime to complete an educational program and have the charge dismissed deters future crime.

"I'm not sold on any diversion program because I think it's a 'get out of jail free' card," he said. "It's giving someone a warning. To me, there has to be consequences for your actions."

No, there don’t have to be consequences for your actions. There just don’t. If someone smokes marijuana 1,000 times and nothing bad happens, then it’s all good. There is no logical reason on earth why there have to be consequences for people who enjoy marijuana. Just leave them alone.
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What I would give for...

one day of paradigm shift in this country of ours!

"To me, there has to be consequences for your actions."

Indeed, indeed. I'd remove my own kidney with a butterknife for 24 hours in which the laws were reversed. A day when those who have prosecuted the drug war face punishment for THEIR actions!

As for the drug courts, I've said a million times how much I am against them. I have a family member in one for cannabis use presently, and guess who pays for that person's actions? Everyone except the drug court participant (or should I say "coercee.")

Another great article by Scott Morgan. He hits the nail on the head here, exposing one more inanity of the WOsD's. Namely, that the overwhelming majority of cannabis users DO NOT have a problem of any kind, even when they use cannabis routinely!

I wonder how much of it is simply about the higher-ups getting their pound of flesh? "You chose not to DRINK the drug we deem acceptable, in hopes of escaping the numerous severe consequences, so we're going to say that ANY use of cannabis is problematic so we can mandate treatment, which, by the way, you have to PAY for!"

If you didn't know it before, there are some real sick individuals in this world. I pray every night that people like Gary Spencer get what's coming to them, and soon!

Obama's Attorney General

"To me, there has to be consequences for your actions."

Sounds like this guy will be on board with Obama's Attorney General selection Eric Holder.

In addition, U.S. Attorney Eric H. Holder Jr. said in an interview that he is considering not only prosecuting more marijuana cases but also asking the D.C. Council to enact stiffer penalties for the sale and use of marijuana.

“We have too long taken the view that what we would term to be minor crimes are not important,” Holder said, referring to current attitudes toward marijuana use and other offenses such as panhandling.

To be fair, that quote is from 1996. Let's hope he'd had some common sense knocked into him in the past decade.

Marijuana DOES make people stupid !!

If you doubt it, look no further than the prince george's county council. They've made the sale of single (less that 5) cigars illegal, because someone might buy one and fill it with marijuana. They said that one of the many benefits of the law is that it will be easier to charge someone posessing a single cigar with a drug paraphenalia offense.

If you don't like someone in prince george's county, mail them a cigar and let them deal with the swat team.

It's nuts

I'll be writing about this later today.

English, Dammit!

"To me, there has to be consequences for your actions."

This is plural. There "have" to be consequences for your actions, you illiterate puke. And I agree, 100%, with the assertion, if not the idiocy with which it was expressed. The consequences of smoking marijuana are: coughing and sometimes the munchies. Arresting someone for marijuana is not a consequence of their actions, it's a consequence of sado-moralist idiots passing and enforcing destructive prohibition laws. Speaking poorly, on the other hand, could convince some child that education is not that important if someone who talks like a hobo can become chief of police.

of course there should be consequences for YOUR actions

Your OWN actions. Peaceful cannabis users shouldn''t be held responsible for the action of others under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. That's a leading argument against relegalizing weed, that "we have enough problems already with alcohol". Well of course you do, alcohol promotes crazy often violent behavior in a significant % of people. In addition to everything else, it is the drug of choice of child molestors. By providing a safer alternative to alcohol, marijuana doesn't cost lives, it saves lives and limbs and fetuses.

its better than any other drug

Weed its what everybody calls it or chronic, bud , mary- J, whatever its all he same thing if a person smokes mary-j its there bussness nobody elses that would be like taking a kid from a mother taking weed from a pod head it makes them look to other drugs and try them but to me its all good if nobodies getting hurt

Deterrence? Where do cops get these ideas?

deters future crime”?

Not a chance.  No matter how many people Police Chief Gary Spencer and his motley crew bust and jail for cannabis, it will not deter me or any one of the 80-million cannabis connoisseurs in America who’ve not been busted for pot by Officer Spencer, or anyone else.

Actually, punishment probably doesn’t do much to deter the people Spencer and his pals busted, either.  Unless the culprits were given life sentences, I would say most of them are toking up at this very moment.


Erin J

Either love us...or leave us alone. Dan Bermath from Marijuana Policy project told me in an interview that 40% of people in Marijuana Rehab programs are considered "non-abusive" users, with those wo are supposed to be abusive not even having signifigant amount of marijuana use. There have been NO recorded deaths of marijuana use, no OVERDOSE of the drug (except for maybe over-eating and passing out) and what exactly is treatment for marijuana use? Dealing with the harsh realities of society? Yeah right....tobacco is the number one killer,make that ilegal and let weed smokers smoke in place!

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