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Mexican Drug War Violence Has Begun Spilling Into the U.S.

The harder we push back against Mexican drug cartels, the more violence we’ll begin see within our own borders. Just look what’s happening in Pheonix:

A CBS News investigation has discovered that as of last weekend, there have been 266 reported kidnappings and 300 home invasions this year alone. Sources say the real figures could run as much as three times higher because so many go unreported.

"It wasn't uncommon to have a new kidnapping case coming into our offices on a daily basis," Burgett said.

Law-enforcement sources say the kidnappings signal the brutal expansion of the raging Mexican drug wars spilling across the border.

Now CBS News has learned enforcer gangs just south of the Mexican border have added military-grade hand grenades to their arsenal - something special agent Jose Wall expects to see in Phoenix any day.

It's not just hand grenades, kidnappings and home invasions that have law enforcement on edge. They say it's only a matter of time before innocent civilians are caught in the crossfire. [CBS News]

It’s really just amazing that this can continue to escalate before our eyes without provoking a widespread, spontaneous revelation that something is fundamentally wrong with our drug strategy. How much more obvious could it be? The harder we push the worse it gets. That’s how this works. It’s the only outcome the drug war formula ever produces.

The only thing we’ll get in exchange for the hundreds of millions we’re pouring into the Mexican drug war is more violence within our own borders. Nothing short of a full reversal in our strategy can prevent that result. And since Obama has pledged to continue this madness, we can be reasonably sure this is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
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You have to fight these people

It worked in Colombia and it will work in Mexico. You don't see cocaine traffickers causing violence anymore over in Colombia. You can actually vacation there.

You have to fight these people

What gives you the idea that it worked in Colombia? Where do you think the cocaine is coming from? And probably a great deal of the guns, and likely the grenades?

Re: You have to fight these people

What gives you the idea that it worked in Colombia? Where do you think the cocaine is coming from?

I didn't say stopping the extreme street violence in Colombia will put a dent in cocaine trade or other smuggling activities. Like Colombia, all Mexico is doing is busting up small handful of Big Businesses run by Pablo Escobar types who are monopolizing the drug trade. The industry will still thrive once the violence ends. Colombians now ships cocaine in submarines to the U.S.

And probably a great deal of the guns, and likely the grenades?

Where do you think the Mexican cartels get their most of their guns from? The U.S.

Drug Flow


Surely the C.I.A. is not still running dope.? The " Drug War " depends on drug flow. It`s common sense. Politicians use drugs, taxes , healthcare & fiscal [un]control as hostages in electoral politics. Welcome to America. Do the folk`s at the C.I.A. and the D.E.A. really want to see a "drug free " America? The drug trade is far older than any living human. History is on the books. Generational deception works wonders. Welcome to America.

war is what cops want

well these mexican boys shoot back .it is not just busting kids for weed .cops lock and load get your life insurance polices in effect .your war you prayed for is comming .ill warm up my back hoe to bury your carcuses .dont worry ill take care of your widows sexual needs .bet you wondered why none of your kids looked like you anyway

Crackdown and Escalation Related?

I am always amazed to see news reports of the escalation of drug-related violence in Mexico "despite the crackdown by police." It's really astounding to think that people believe that more police intervention will bring peace. These drug traffickers are going to continue their business as long as people buy drugs, which will likely be forever. Any effort to stop them will be met with retaliation, and an increased crackdown will lead to an increased response. The only way to put drug traffickers out of business is to take away their monopoly on supply. If we were growing cocaine and marijuana in the United States, and selling it on the open market, these violent drug lords that everyone hates so much would be forced to find a new trade.

Will the Real Drug War Please Step Forward...

President Richard Nixon crafted the political jargon “war on drugs” in the same speech in which he called for a “war on cancer”.   Both metaphors were supposed to be exactly that—metaphors, and not a real war in which a determined enemy shoots back.

The Mexico Drug War has erased the Nixon metaphor.  The Drug War is now as real as the gun battles and the civilian and combatant casualties that currently define it.  The racist ghoul Nixon would have loved it.


Legalize Marijuana and Destroy the Cartels

When is anyone going to see the solution staring us all right in the face. Let us demand that Obama Re-Legalize Marijuana under the MERP Model. It will rob the carels of their money and reduce violence considerably. Isn't it time we started seeing things as they truly are?

Drug Policy
Marijuana: Past, Present and Future from Bruce Cain on Vimeo.

Why Lou Dobbs Should Support Marijuana Legalization

The MERP Project
The Marijuana Re-Legalization Policy (MRP) Project

Bruce W. Cain Discusses the MERP Model, for Marijuana Relegalization, with "Sense and Sensimilla"

Video Biography of Bruce W. Cain

The "Hemp Song" by Bruce W. Cain

"Rainbow Farm" and instrumental dedicated to Tom Crosslin who was
murdered at Rainbow Farm a week before 9/11 (09/11/2001)

How Continuing the Drug War could make Nuclear Terrorism a Reality
by Bruce W. Cain


Is it not ironic that none of the prohibitionists seem to see the similarities in the prohibition of the worst killer drug of all ALCOHOL ! and the continued "war on drugs"?

But we are inundated with the old wives tales, emotional retoric and the complete lack of scientific evaluation by the people who are running the country! If the facts were truely, scientifically, studied, by the ignorant, maybe there would be change. But, then again, when fighting against an almost religious, emotional, response, facts and science are, all too often, overlooked. I am a member of the "religious right", but I do not condone the ignorance of most of my associates (and the public, in general), on this issue.

Tired of the ignorant

Guard our borders

We must equip our border patrols with enough firepower so that they can protect us in times like this.

Bill from Austin

more guns?!

Good luck on that. They can't even stop the flow of illegal drugs! Yeah, lets throw more money and guns at it. It really has worked, so far!

Guard our borders?

Just like the post after Bill from Austin says "Good luck on that". I am trying to believe that people actually care about the situation in the state that it is in at the moment. Not because it is so many hundred miles away from your backyard. I believe there will be violence among people who are accustomed to violence no matter the motivation. If marijuana was legalized there would simply be something else to make a quick buck by violence, but at least it is a start.

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