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lifelong addict refused proper pain treatment because he might get addicted

Sounds kinda like a joke but it's all too true.Having a reference from a neurosurgeon counts for nothing in a Province so afraid of the word drug that they will probably try to wiki it out of existence.I thought that the 6-18 months they had me believe I had to wait was inhumane.Today i discovered that that is just the warm up to prepare you for the more than two year wait to come.At first I thought it was a mistake because I had been assured for the entire 15 month wait that 18 months was the maximum.I had heard that other pain doctors had two +year waits and felt kind of lucky that at least I wouldn't have to suffer that kind of indignity.When a doctor tells you something you can immediately assume that they are at best misguided or at worst outright lying.I don't know why this hit me so hard.I have been manipulated,lied to,set up,knocked down and given no respect and worst treatment.At no time in the almost five years I've been suffering with this destroyed spinal chord have I been given even effective pain medication.I was put on conflicting drugs that cancel each other out and given a 12 hour medication to last the whole day.I was forced to take as many as 20 double strength ibuprofen just to lessen the spasms that were the most unimaginable pain you can imagine.I went through several bottles of 500.At that time my family doctor was giving me 30 5mg.morphine for a month.He really thought he was stepping out doing that.To say that doctors in B.C. are terrified of the college is an understatement.Losing the right to prescribe is pretty much the ballgame for a family doctor.Specialists don't even prescribe because it's just too dangerous and they are the ones that deal with the real pain cases.That waiting lists are so long is testament to how under served we are in this province when it comes to pain.That many doctors won't even discuss pain medication shows just how scared they are.I haven't been posting as much because I was holding on to what I thought was the short end of a long rope.I actually thought I might get my life back.I'm pretty sure now that that isn't in the cards.It looks like someone has decided it's just a matter of time and they just won't deal with me at all.With what having constant pain has done to my overall health i tend to think they're right.It's a fight just to get up for the four hours I spend out of bed in a day.I'm being murdered as sure as if a gun was put to my head.This is the real consequences of drug addiction.People just ignore you to death.
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people in pain

I am a past (forcibly retired) pain managment doctor and I can verify the sad state of pain medicine in this country as illustrated by the above blog! Assisted suicide is becominging acceptable!? People in pain should be able to obtain the releif to at least allow them to be out of bed for a reasonable amount of time. My mother is a chronic pain patient and I see her suffer, daily, because, like her doctor, the doctors are scared, lying or just don't give damn when it comes to treating chronic pain patients with compassion! She says the only time she gets relief is after she is in bed an hour. If she stayed in bed all the time, she might be pain free! But, what kind of a life is that? We will see more assisted suicides, if the people responsible for treating patients like my mother, continue to force the patients to live a quality of life less than we would accept for our animals! They shoot horses, don't they?!

Oh, by the way. Her dorsal collumn stimulator does little to help relieve her pain. And, I am sure it cost the government (US!!) a small fortune to get it placed in her back.

I feel for you! And I have heard the same horror stories as you tell, many times when I was working. That is, at least, once or twice each and every day!

Docs in pain

Hi mlang,
I am an activist and board member of the Pain Relief Network, I would like to invite you to visit our forum and share your story, very supportive, motivated, political group for pain sufferers and family members.
Dr. Alex Deluca, Dr. Frank Fisher, (prosecuted, jailed, exhonerated) are PRN's medical experts before congress and in defense trials of prosecuted physicians. Nice to see more and more people speaking out about this side of the drug war.

"Doctors who treated chronic or intractable pain with opioid pain medications were literally rounded up and put on trial, the government demanding that they serve decades, sometimes hundreds of years in prison. Medical professionals not yet targeted, responded by fleeing the discipline of pain management in droves. Clinics across America have become tertiary medical facilities of the federal apparatus, essentially operating at the whim of DEA. Behind the scenes, and sometimes out front,

PRN represents the solitary organized response to this onslaught."

Tami Strand
Pain Relief Network


[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada I see things are the same in the states as they are here.We had our purge in the early 80's and I had a copy of the list of restricted doctors(prescription privileges revoked)and it was a book,hundreds in a Province of 3 million people.They have even taken to placing people on methadone if they present with out of Province scripts for high doses of pain meds.This is a very sick thing and is just another form of torture that our governments impose out of fear and ignorance.For it to be coming from those entrusted with the public's health care is beyond criminal.


After reading these blogs I feel very lucky to be receiving my pain medication. With out it I would not be here reading. It is not right that doctors are fearful to perscribe pain medication that people need. The goverments of the world should stay out off the doctors offices. It dose not seem right that doctors go to school for years to get the proper training to diagnos people only to have poloticians tell them what to do. The medications perscribe to me are very valuabe on the street and now I see why. Doctors should be alllowed to do their job. My experiene with doctors has been good, I have found them to be caring and compassionate. They want to help I believe but, they live in fear of losing their jobs. This war on our people needs to stop!

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