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Bye Bye Bertha

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Bertha Madras has apparently left her position as deputy director for demand reduction at ONDCP, as evidenced by a missing staff bio and this article identifying her as a "former" staffer. If drug abuse suddenly skyrockets, it will prove she was really good at her job. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Instead, Bertha will be remembered for saying some of the most horrible things you could ever imagine. Here she is opposing overdose prevention and arguing that drug overdoses are good for you:

Madras says the rescue programs might take away the drug user’s motivation to get into detoxification and drug treatment.

"Sometimes having an overdose, being in an emergency room, having that contact with a health care professional is enough to make a person snap into the reality of the situation and snap into having someone give them services," Madras says. [NPR]

She will be difficult to replace, I’m sure.
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I wonder ...

Let's say I treated my kid like this. I'd tell her that she shouldn't do something (something that's really not all that dangerous) under humiliating threats of theft, house arrest and bodily harm, and when she wouldn't listen I would proceed to poison or boobytrap the undesired thing in a way that now it would really hurt her, and when she happens to be seriously hurt by my traps, I would really run her through a renewed level of humilation, pain and punishment for her transgressions.

I just wonder how that'd fly ...

It's easy to understand Bertha . . .

if you recognize that by her, people are divided into two categories: "the saved" and "the damned." The only important thing is to bring people into the realm of "the saved." Somebody who takes any drugs, even a single hit off of a bong is immediately "the damned" unless and until he or she renounces her evil ways for good.

Taking measures to reduce the risk of drug taking is counterproductive, becauses they'll still be taking drugs and still be "damned." If we make drugs as dangerous as possible, even increasing the risk of accidental death, that's really better, because it might frighten some people away from drugs. A few OD deaths is a small price to keep people on the path of righteousness.


she could be replaced with a rock they are the intellectual equa

why does the goverment hire such losers .it just goes to show it aint who you know but who you blow

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