Angry Cop Insults Voters for Supporting Marijuana Reform

Jim Carnell of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association has come completely unhinged in the aftermath of the decisive victory for marijuana decrim in Massachusetts. Just listen to him trashing Massachusetts voters in The Boston Herald:

Many starry-eyed nitwits wearing rose-colored glasses, who obviously comprise the majority of our electorate, fell hook, line and sinker for this.

Sir, you work for these people. If you hate the community, then quit your job as a public servant. Seriously, it is not everyday that one sees police in the newspaper just talking shit about everybody. It’s ugly and inappropriate, but perfectly illustrative of the enemy mentality our marijuana laws have nurtured between police and almost everyone else.

Carnell goes on to claim that the new law effectively legalizes smoking pot in the streets, because the rules of search and seizure will be turned on their head (and everyone knows police would never circumvent those rules). And he concludes by urging the people of Massachusetts to choke on the miserable smoldering hell they’ve built for themselves.

The great irony of all this is that, while Jim Carnell insists that it’s now legal to smoke marijuana in the streets of Massachusetts, he sounds more than a little inclined to punch you in the face if he sees you doing it.
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Oh, come on now.

Oh, come on now.

If I'm out in some public place, say on some street corner, in plain view of everybody, smoking a joint, they could charge me with something: disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, public intoxication.

Some misdemeanor offense theoretically punishable by a fine and maybe six months to a year in jail. I'd have to show up in court and if I pleaded guilty, I'd get probation. I'd have that "black mark" on my record that I previously would have gotten for marijuana possession.


Good point

Having burnt marijuana roaches in your possession while driving would be the equivalent of an open container violatin and evidence of DWI if you appear intoxicated, which is a more serious offense than possession of marijuana joint.

You should hear the remarks

You should hear the remarks the police make in Manhattan Kansas home of Kansas State University.Typically you are called a drug criminal if you are for legalization or question anything that RCPD (Riley County Police Department) does and therefore they try to infer that anything you have to say about anything isn't valid.They have many rabid "Drug Warriors" who will be more than happy to lie in court to get a conviction.Then go out and lecture on what a good citzen is supposed to be. Hopefully all these idiots will be turned out to pasture where they can no longer infect the public with their intolerence, ignorance and hate.

Re: "Typically you are called a drug criminal if you are for..."

"Typically you are called a drug criminal if you are for legalization"

Both sides can play that game. I would accuse that upstanding cop of being in the pocket of drug dealers if he supports prohibiting regulation of the marijuana market and keeping the dealers rich!

What is a criminal?

What is a criminal? I think that anyone who supports an ongoing criminal enterprise, is a criminal themselves. And our "officials" have proven that they cannot or will not control drugs for over thirty five years. Therefore anyone who supports "prohibition" is, in my opinion, supporting an ongoing criminal enterprise.
If we continue this failed policy, we will throw more billions of good money after bad. And think of this, Richard M. Nixon, our wonderful former President, was the brains behind this crap. That in itself should be enough to cause the government to repeal prohibition once more.
And remember, cops get a lot of money from the "drug war", fines, property grabbed, graft and plain old theft. Here in Arkansas, we have had at least ten cops busted in the last six years. Everything from common theft, planting evidence, using money from their fund on personal expenses and home repairs. I know that now very few people trust or respect the police. That is a sad commentary, in a country that was founded on freedom and liberty. Good luck to all.

J.D. Lape' Monticello, Ar.


My wife tells me her ex got away with $10,000! She came from a little town in that wonderful state. The drug war ingraciates corruption.

cops don't get the

cops don't get the money...the federal gov't gets all of it and returns roughly 20% back to the state it was seized.

I moved away to early

I grew up in Mass. but moved away at 18. I just hate the cold.
But for once, I must tip my hat to my forward thinking x-neighbors. Well done!
It is time the government realize it is the PEOPLE'S government not theirs. I am proud of everyone who voted their beliefs.
It is time we save the jail cells for the real criminals, like the child molesters and rapists. Not Joe Sixpack eating cheese doodles in the privacy of his own home.
But, please don't be stupid and blow it.Set a good example for the rest of us. So that we too, may be free!

that is one greedy man

only people who profit from prohabition want to keep it goin .this jim is a real piece of shit .those lazy ass cops need to get a real job wtf

Soldiers in a Failed War

Officer Jim Carnell appears to be a true believer in cannabis prohibition.  Losing that belief would mean accepting the fact that his all-too-cherished government lied to him about marijuana.  And that further implies he ruined a bunch of people’s lives for nothing.  Those are hard facts for a patriotic man to accept, especially one who—in his own mind at least—appears to live in some kind of Norman Rockwell America.

Officer Carnell’s attitude is reminiscent of soldiers who survive a lost war and who just can’t stop fighting it in some way or claiming they could have won it had they only been given the chance.

After WWI there were thousands of German soldiers who condemned their government for losing the war because they believed surrender wasn’t necessary (it was).  This lingering, militant attitude helped bring about the rise of the Nazi Party, and with them the next world war a mere two decades later.  Something analogous to this can happen when the drug war or some aspect of it ends.  We will need to keep an eye on all the Carnells out there.  These types of people are exceedingly dangerous.


"starry eyed ("dangerous") nitwits...

..wearing rose colored glasses". This is a pefect description of anyone who believes in a "drug free" world/country/whatever.The desperatly dumb and dangerous go down the applause of the masses. One thing I find odd, is that in Mexico,the average LEO wishes the WOD would go away. While here they seem to need it.

They do need it...

Cops and prison guards are worried. No more overtime, etc. so yeah, they need it especially in this down turned economy. What's sad is that they do it at the expense of our youth just for their own job securtity then they turn around and say they are protecting the "children" with their corupt war.

Officer Jim Carnell responds to email

Dear Mr. Hutton from Virginia,

How nice of you to write regarding my comments in the Boston Herald. I assume that you have no life, since you reside in Virginia but are reduced to reading Saturday’s Boston Herald. Put your bong down for a moment and get a freaking life, you utter moron. You and your fellow nitwits will soon have your way, free to walk around Boston smoking doobies. I only hope that if you have children whom you might bring to a public park or gathering that you will be confronted with a bevy of dope-smoking dopes, with the pungent aroma of cannabis floating towards you and your children. If and when that happens, please refrain from calling the police, because our hands have been tied. Of course, if you currently don’t have children, then I would strongly encourage you to refrain from reproduction, as this country currently has a veritable cornucopia of buffoons, morons and losers, as evidenced by your bathroom mirror.

Have a nice day,

Arnold Ziffel

Email me and I will forward the email to you.

Officer Assholes' email is [email protected]

They don't call us Massholes for nothing!

Since Nov 4, people up here in MA have been hearing all the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth from the DAs and police about how this is going to destroy society, seemingly ignorant of the other states that have gone this way and seen zero ill effects.

I have a friend who's a cop who voted no on Question 2, and he's actually for legalization (I still need to have a long discussion with him about that). What he was telling me is that all the cops he's talked to have already found a way to fuck with you, even with this new law in effect. They say "Oh, no, how will we know if it's an ounce or under? Well, I guess we'll just have to take them down to the station to weigh it while they wait!" - EVIL GRIN - By the way, before you try rebutting that, it is 100% legal. They know damn well there's two kinds of people that get caught with weed; personal use smokers with a 1/4 ounce or less, and dealers with much more than an ounce. Both are easily estimatable as either over or under and ounce with a simple glance.

Yes, folks, now that they've lost their favorite pasttime - arresting otherwise responsible citizens under an unnecessary law - they're going to start acting like children. These are the people that are suppose to protect us? Having been born in the 70's, the only thing I've ever seen from the government in relation to drugs is this stupid war. It's a pretty sad commentary that I was amazed to find out that police are respected and even seen as allies in other countries. Here, most cops look at you like you're the enemy. By way of example, I've donated thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of my time to my friend's police station, and I feel fully confident that if they found me with some pot right now - keep in mind that the law doesn't go into effect until January - they'd lock me away quicker than I could say "decriminalization".

We fell hook, line and sinker for this?!?!? Does he think we're all children, or just stupid? It passed because enough people have seen first hand that marijuana isn't the evil, deadly plant they want us to believe it is. We all recognized that this war isn't doing ANYTHING positive. We know that them sending someone up the river for a bowl pack of a plant is not making us any safer. We want them to start being police and stop being the drug dealers best friend.

Put it this way, if it's such a bad thing, why is there a stated policy of first, second and, according to Jim, third time offenders getting off with nothing more than 6 month probation? Either it's bad or it's not. You can't be a little bit pregnant.

I don't care if angry biggot

I don't care if angry biggot cops don't like me smoking weed in public. I do it here in Seattle and I'll do it in Boston too when I get a chance to go there. Laws about where you can smoke weed should be the same as where you can smoke tobacco. Ganja is sacred and I will let no one tell me I can't walk down the street smoking weed.

Bom Shankar!

this cop should move to georgia

in georgia cops are still shooting and killing people for marijuana .they even lie to get warrents hide pot in peoples homes when they dont find anything and often shoot old women the last one was 92 years old all because of forfiture laws .police are murdering inocent people to steal property i75 main highway through georgia is like a shooting gallory for profit minded police if you dont believe me look up lowndes county .thier main buisness is drug arrests and stealing cars from motorists .this piece of crap cop would be right at home with these crimnal cops in georgia

Beer-swilling idiots

I was particularly amused by Mr. Carnell's sentence involving the "beer-swilling idiots" drinking in public that will be prosecuted while the same "cretins" that smoke marijuana in public will be left alone. Personally, though I enjoy both drinking and smoking, I'd rather be "bothered" in a public place by people that are high rather than drunk. Drunk people are frequently loud and messy and violent. High people are most often peaceful and happy. I really don't see why Mr. Carnell is so concerned. It seems he has no logical reason to disagree with decriminalization, he just hates to see people getting high.

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