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The People Have Spoken

Submitted by David Borden on
The people have spoken in the 2008 election, and they have stated loudly that marijuana use is to be accepted and not to be treated as a crime. A medical marijuana initiative in Michigan -- the first in the Midwest -- and a decriminalization initiative in Massachusetts both won by convincing margins, and scattered local initiatives on various aspects of marijuana policy reform all won, too. It's high time for all states as well as the federal government to decriminalize marijuana and end the unwinnable and costly "War on Drugs". Stop the Drug War: Even law enforcement agents are active in ending the senseless war on drugs,. Take a look: The people in power at the highest levels of business and government will not go quietly into the night, because some of them are actually responsible for the illegal drug problem in the USA and around the world. The same can be said about the war on terror, and the war on illegal immigration, as well as the war on crime in general. Remember their modus operandi: Problem, Reaction, Solution.

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