Medical Marijuana Wins in Michigan

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Michigan voters have approved Prop. 1 to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest. We now have 13 medical marijuana states. For any politicians still struggling with these concepts, I’ll be providing free tutoring sessions on remedial contemporary drug war politics.
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its about time, a natural

its about time, a natural cure that the government wants to control. im glad everyone sees the positive uses of marijuana!

what about accidents?

Like a gun, that only kills when it's aimed at people,

A quick search at the Centers for Disease Control website showed that in 2005, there were 789 unintentional firearm deaths in the United States.


who needs it?

who needs a frickin script for it anyhow, i dont give a damn if its legal or not i'll smoke the shit anyway

All these laws are just symbolic

I've never heard of a sick patient being arrested and no pole cat is going to stop you from smoking doobies in the privacy of your home.


Jonathan Magbie, Timothy Garon, Scott Day...

Bout damn time!!

AWESOME!!!Maybe now we can start concentrating on the REAL criminals...and hopefully free up some space in our prisons to keep them where they belong,not LET THEM OUT EARLY after raping,killing,molesting,etc....I'd much rather be surrounded by "potheads" than "drunks" anyday!! Hell, if everyone were to smoke a lil once in awhile, for "medicinal" purposes or not, the world would be a much calmer place...but that's just MY opinion....

Finally It Passed!!

I'm so happy that this prop. passed. Maybe more people will realize how harmless marijuana can be. I would prefer to have stoners on the road than drunks. You all have to admit drinking impairs you and the way you think a lot more than just smoking a joint!! Marijuana should be legalized all together, there's Liquor stores why not pot stores?

Probably won't be "pot

Probably won't be "pot stores" until the liquor industry becomes willing to share their profits with it's most formidable contender....

Bout Damn Time


Great Victory.., but don't stop here !!

Michigan's draconian anti pot laws have been terrorizing the free citizens of this state for many many years. The authorities have made sure that our nick name "The Penitentiary State" is alive and well with their constant encroachments on our civil liberty's. A couple of years ago they passed a law under the cover of night and without a vote (like our legislative cowards usually do) That states "Marijuana is a narcotic" and if you are even suspected of smoking it while operating a motor vehicle that they can force you to have your blood tested. It doesn't matter if you smoked it 3 weeks ago or 5 min. ago. If its in your blood it is considered "Impaired Driving", and you will not only be prosecuted for it but will also have the additional pleasure of being a convicted narcotic user for the rest of your life, with a report forwarded to the Feds stating that you are so !! This is more common in the under populated county's where the under funded and often broke local sheriff departments are more than happy to accept federal funding and the latest of drug enforcement training with the shiny new weapons that come along with it, to turn on there own citizens and bust them for every plant or seed they can find. They get huge monetary rewards from the feds by participating with these programs that are meant to terrorize the community of otherwise law abiding citizens. It is indeed a great day for Michigan's chronic pain sufferers and people with many other conditions that this simple and harmless plant can and does help, but we can not stop here !! Thousands and thousands of innocent citizens are languishing in our state prisons and county jails while millions of others are denied the right to use an innocent , harmless and god given herb. The applications for the use of "HEMP" are countless and included building houses and roads that LAST, as well as clothing of all sorts. Its no wonder certain industries are against its cultivation. Lotsa money out there being made by keeping this miracle plant illegal !! Rise up people and let Washintoon hear our voices !! WE WANT POT !!

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