Drug Czar Mixes Cannabis, Caffeine, and Cartography With Catastrophic Results

The Drug Czar claimed today that San Francisco has more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks coffee shops.

As we've noted previously, state "medical" marijuana laws breed confusion, abuse, and violence in neighborhoods and communities.

Here's our latest analysis of this phenomenon. In downtown San Francisco alone, there are 98 marijuana dispensaries, compared to 71 Starbucks Coffee shops

As is typical considering the source, this is just totally wrong. There are 25 medical marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco, not 98. I contacted Americans for Safe Access today and they had no idea what’s up with this crazy map. Most of the "dispensaries" on the map simply don’t exist. It’s incomprehensible. My best guess is that they’re including doctors' offices, which might write prescriptions, but certainly don’t provide medicine. It might be something even crazier and more dishonest than that.

The thing is, everyone in San Francisco knows where the dispensaries are. They’re only allowed in certain areas. It’s not a secret. This page includes a list of addresses for all of them and, believe me, a lot of people wish it were longer.

So if "marijuana laws breed confusion" as the drug czar claims, it would appear that the confusion remains confined to his office. Regardless of how many Starbucks and medical marijuana dispensaries there are, there is only one place to go if you’re looking for worldclass bullshit drug war propaganda maps.

ONDCP's fake marijuana dispensary map
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ONDCP calls the nation's greatest anti-drug success a failure

The Center for Disease Control reported that the city of San Francisco has the lowest rate of past month marijuana use among high school students of all the following cities and counties that participated in the most recent 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

San Francisco, CA -- 11.4%
Borough of Manhattan, NY -- 11.4%
Borough of Brooklyn, NY -- 11.7%
New York City, NY -- 12.4%
Borough of Queens, NY -- 12.5%
Borough of Bronx, NY -- 12.8%
Miami-Dade County, FL -- 14.5%
San Bernardino, CA -- 15.6%
Houston, TX -- 16.3%
Orange County, FL -- 16.4%
San Diego, CA -- 16.6%
Broward County, FL -- 17%
Boston, MA -- 17.4%
Detroit, MI -- 17.4%
Borough of Staten Island, NY -- 17.5%
Hillsborough County, FL -- 18.1%
Philadelphia, PA -- 18.8%
DeKalb County, GA -- 18.9%
Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, NC -- 19.5%
Palm Beach County, FL -- 20.7%
District of Columbia -- 20.8%
Dallas, TX -- 21.2%
Baltimore, MD -- 21.4%
Los Angeles, CA -- 21.4%
Chicago, IL -- 21.7%
Memphis, TN -- 22.9%
Milwaukee, WI -- 26.8%

If ONDCP wasn't such a farce, they would be praising San Francisco's tremendous efforts at regulating the marijuana market instead of smearing that city's anti-drug campaign with fake maps.

This is why it's so important for reformers over the next year to appoint a person in the federal govt with a medical background who knows success when they see it. No more army generals, police chiefs, ultra-right wing political "science" professors, who con people into thinking they care about treatment while pouring billions into their "handcuffs and guns" policy. If we are going to treat drug addiction and abuse as a medical problem, then we need people with a medical background who get what needs to be done.

Where's the nationwide map of unregistered marijuana dealers?

According to the govt's 2006 National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health, 4,786,833 people ages 12 and older sold illicit drugs with marijuana by far being the most commonly distributed. That's 1,556 people for every county in the United States. What industry in the world wouldn't want that many suppliers for their product?

puregenius's picture

Beyond Sad

I will have to send this out to the local news networks and hope they run with it. Given that the post claims there are 98 in downtown alone, I wonder how many they would claim are in the entire city. 250 maybe?

71 Starbucks shops in downtown??

There are certainly something wrong with the world when Starbucks can run 71 stores in one town...

Still we need more restrictions on medical marihuana when that many dispensers is available to the public. I am an Norwegian so I am not sure what this marihuana dispensaries is. I do not think these types of dispensaries exists in norway. However though, there are a lot more than 98 people who offer you to buy some if you spend a day outside in Oslo.

Vincent Segal


Why would someone who admits he does not understand the issue give advice on the issue anyway? That's how we arrived at prohibition in the first place.


Double Zing!!

obama 08

he's out of a job anyways...so fuck what this asshole has to say from here on out

Loser’s Battle

It must be tough defending prohibition when all you have left is lies.

So does Walters condemn San Francisco because the city is associated with medical cannabis?  Or does he condemn marijuana because it’s associated with San Francisco?  However it’s framed, it’s an insult to San Francisco, one of the greatest cities in the world.

It’s clear Walters’ is focusing on S.F. because, like most other religious wackos, he thinks the city is the recent incarnation of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Obviously, the same inferences would not be possible if Walters targeted medical marijuana clinics in cities such as Portland, Oregon or Great Falls, Montana.

Walters is the ultimate ingrate and hypocrite.  He should keep in mind that the types of creative and productive people one finds in San Francisco constitute the reason that he and others like him are not sitting in caves at this moment picking lice out of their hair.


The most "anti-marijuana" states produce fewest college grads

Even though John Walters and his ONDCP say marijuana use has a serious impact on education and productivity, 2006 govt surveys showed 7 out of the 10 states with the lowest marijuana use among persons age 26 and older also ranked in the bottom 25 least college-educated states in the country (2 of them rank in the bottom 10).

This compares to 9 out of the 10 states with the highest marijuana use ranking in the top 25 college-educated states in the country (3 of them ranking in the top 10).

Better educated people are less likely to buy wholesale into ONDCP propaganda and John Walters' ultra religious right-wing model for the rest of the nation.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2006 American Community Survey -- http://factfinder.census.gov/servlet/GRTTable?_bm=y&-geo_id=01000US&-_bo...

Source: 2006 National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health -- http://oas.samhsa.gov/2k6state/Ch2.htm#Fig2-12

Gee, the drug czar tells a lie

And you're surprised . . . why?

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