Fastest Appeal in Political History

It was only yesterday that the B.C. Supreme Court ruled that the federal drug laws were too vague in the matter involving InSite and were therefor unconstitutional.By the time the morning paper was delivered the health minister had already expressed the governments dismay over the ruling and said that the justice minister was looking into options.The noon paper had the justice minister saying that an appeal was in the works and would be filed as soon as possible.This is the same government that has been unable to make up it's mind on the exemption for the site and has left it's fate up in the air to within one month of the deadline.They have dithered and stalled to the point that two addicts and a legal aid lawyer filed this lawsuit in order to try to find an alternative to the obvious reticence of the federal conservatives.That this government is rife with racists and ideological zealots has been clear from the party's inception.There have been frequent and consistent embarrassing exposures of conservative party members making overtly racist statements that always get pushed aside and related as old and past beliefs that the person no longer feels.The lunatic fringe was represented in the province newspaper on the editorial page and in the letters column.The paper used to print letters from both sides but I haven't had a letter printed in that paper in over six months and I haven't seen letters from the other advocates either.Luckily,the court in this province is made up of judges who were on one side or another of the drug war and watched as the police lied and manipulated evidence as a regular manner of presenting their cases.They are well aware of the futility of the drug war and how it is applied to the poor with vigor and the rich with kid gloves.There is so much potential in this ruling and with the mood of the court at present that it will be a pity if some real gains are not achieved before the present crop of judges retire.For the time that the federal tories are kept out of the picture it will be up to we,the people advocating for a better way,to work as hard as possible to achieve as many reforms as we can in the hope that we can show a record of progress before the feds tear into what is achieved.There is no doubt now that that is exactly what they intend to do.If you thought there was any chance of them taking the high road you have not been following this government.
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