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Another Ryan Frederick Update

Radley Balko has much more information from Ryan Frederick's preliminary hearing, which I mentioned yesterday.

Of particular interest is the fact that special prosecutor Paul Ebert has threatened to file felony drug charges against Frederick, despite the fact that only a tiny amount of marijuana was recovered in the raid. The suspected marijuana grow that prompted the raid simply didn’t exist, so any new drug charges at this point are almost certainly a trumped-up character assassination designed to smear Frederick in front of the jury.

It's a critical move for Ebert, who clearly realizes that it will be hard to explain why Frederick would have shot a cop over a few flakes of pot. Unless Frederick can be painted as a hardened criminal, his persistent claim that he thought the police were burglars would likely prevail.

It is just amazing the amount of effort being put into prosecuting an innocent man for a murder that wasn't his fault, all so that the real killer (the drug war) can remain on the loose.
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[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada This kind of character assassination to protect police misdeeds is the rule and not the exception.It goes on everywhere and never changes.When a cop is killed it is just unacceptable that no-one pays.It doesn't matter if the police were clearly in the wrong they will delay,dispense propaganda and tell all manner of untruths to try and enact revenge on the person defending their home.First degree murder is like he informed on himself and waited for them to come so he could shoot.How else could it be premeditated?

Criminal Apostate Virginia's Moral Treason

The feds ought to probe criminal entities as the Commonwealth of Virginia for such things as but not limited to perjury and racketeering, eg to protect their trade in adulterated misbranded cigarettes. Certainly it sounds like the prosecutor needs to spend some time in prison.

And what about evidence tampering? Did not the criminal police steal the door to the Frederick residence so that they may cover up their lies- a practice epidemic in this criminal jurisdictions' criminal courts.

Am I the only person to see how Virginia's behavior may be a psychological ploy --- aka Virginia 'Values' -- for their suppressed guilt for killing millions annually worldwide with their Bright Leaf poison?

not the last

as citzens stand up for themselfs this is not the last cop who gets what he deserves .warning to police do some detective work first dont rely on crimnals to give information to get themselfs out of trouble .if you do you will see a cold slab of marble before your time.people are not going to let you run rough shod over americans .shoes on the other foot dont complain its not like you did not ask for it

pls u guys r so stupid

you guys are idiots we need to let the police do their jobs, even if a few pieces of marijuana were found he is a criminal and deserves to be put in jail. we are doing nothing but hurting ourselves by not laying our rights down in front of the police, they are protecting us so we dont get hurt, drugs on the street is the worst crime of all, I hope all police will continue to vigorously pursue all the criminal drug dealers and users, so far the police and government are doing an awesome job stomping out drugs and I hope to see far more drug dog units at my school, they have already put 19 students in jail and alternative school and best of all the whole school got to see these punk kids on the floor with a police boot on their neck and a doberman ripping their backpack with drugs in it to shreds. thank God for the police just let them do what they need to. Having a gung-ho all out battle no-knock raid is the only way to put a foot down on crime, even if 10000 innocent people's houses get raided its worth it the police met their qoutas for drug houses that ARE found.

You sir are a moron

Perhaps we should just let them raid your families homes for each innocent person they raid. And perhaps they should kill your family members on every other raid. And when they do, please dont whine about it, after all, they are only doing their job. Their methods are only nazi-esque, nothing anyone should ever be concerned about.

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