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Ryan Frederick Formally Charged With First Degree Murder

Radley Balko reports:

He was formally charged with first degree murder and with the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. So yeah. They really are going to go through with this.

The misdemeanor marijuana possession charge was nolle prossed. Which means the reason the police tried to ram their way into Frederick’s house in the first place is now pretty much moot. They didn’t even find enough marijuana to merit a charge. Now they’re trying to make him pay for the consequences of their mistake.

So to recap, police charged into Ryan Frederick's home looking for a marijuana grow that didn’t exist. Mistaking the intruders for thieves, Ryan opened fire, killing a police officer. He's now charged with knowingly and deliberately killing a cop, even though that's the least plausible explanation for his actions.
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I am sitting open-mouthed after reading this. I can't think of anything more absurd and infuriating. It is a tragedy that the officer died, but an even bigger tragedy that totally misguided drug raids can be held up in the court of this country and can go unchecked by the system. What would you do if people dressed in all black burst through your door with guns!? This is truly injustice.


Law Enforcement can break into our homes with little or no excuse and if something goes wrong the home owner pays the price. It really is sick !

Criminal Virginia

How is that 1st degree murder? I always thought that such a charge required premeditation?

Any why such a raid when a grow operation can't be flushed down a toilet?

Sounds like Virginia is run by sociopaths!

Swat them back...

The golden rule: When someone tries to kill or incarcerate you... you're supposed to kill or incarcerate them right back.

I'm surprised that the cops (criminals on patrol) didn't demand the title to the home after yet another successful unconstitutional home invasion.

I personally think that all cops & public officials working in the public trust needs to be tested monthly for 3 threes:
1) Drug Testing: Especially for alcohol... the real 'Gateway' drug. All cops & public officials should be drug free... to avoid criminal hypocracy and promote parity.
2) Honesty & Mental Evaluation... lie detector testing under oath in the presence of trained mental professionals. Mentally unstable officials will receive mandatory reprogramming w/o pay and liars will receive mandatory minimums of 1 year for each perjury under oath.
3) Compentency Testing: Before they can prey upon the public they must first pass a civil rights compentency test and demonstrate they understand the meaning of self-evidence and inalienable rights. They must demonstrate that they are not only aware that the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence exist they must pass 9th grade civics or its equivalency prior to public predation.

more money needed

coranors all over the country are going to need more marbel slabs and a lot more refrigritors if police are going to keep breaking into innocent peoples homes .as americans are sick of these crimnals and thier nazi drug war machine .this war has ruined them in folks eye they are now the enemy .all because a few lazy greedy drug cops gone bad i remember when they were trusted and respected

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