They Don't Make Heros Like They Used To

If anyone watched America's most wanted on Saturday you saw them award the top hero of the year.This was a SWAT team leader who smashed the window in a 65 year old mentally unstable woman's home in an attempt to put a camera phone inside.She shot him defending her home and he was paralysed from the chest down.That's it.That's what it takes to be the hero of the year.Vancouver experienced it's fourth gangland killing in two weeks yesterday morning.An east Indian male was assassinated in front of a row of townhouses and his body was left lying in the street in plain view(a tarp was stretched across the street but it was nowhere near the body)for the cameras to see.I hope his family wasn't watching television as it would be a really bad way to find out a family member was slaughtered.Looks like the UN gang isn't as broken as we were led to believe.There are a lot of gangs here now but all but a few are just wannabe's.It takes a pretty serious thug to put 10 bullets into someone.This is getting to be a pretty serious war that's happening here.We just didn't used to have shootings in the street,ever.Things were done either in a rip off or in a clean up of people doing rip offs.Turf wars were just not on the bill.I-Hit,our formidable homicide squad has no idea what's going on or if they do they are making no arrests.Cops here used to deal with a dozen or so homicides a year that weren't domestic or obvious and they've got zero experience with gang violence.Every time someone mentions a gang squad they have a hissy fit.It's going to be a long deadly year.
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are just gettin a sample of what they been givin .what goes around comes around.if your gonna be stupid your gonna have to be tuff


[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada Sad but so true.

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