Government Monopoly Enforced by Terror

I was reading an alert on the New Mexico MM law and it's troubles with production and distribution.It reminded me of Canada's MM law which has been in effect for quite some time.Here,the government has a huge facility in Manitoba where it produces all the pot for the country.For many years there were complaints that the government was fucking up the easiest thing in the world,the growing of good pot.People with exemptions for medical reasons were going to the black market for their dope because the government was selling ditch weed.Marc Emery probably owes much of his former business to people growing their own dope because the government was over charging(still are according to the auditor general)for really bad dope .Only a government in a western democracy could screw up growing pot.Like they screw up everything else.I found it rather strange that a government that is actually in the marijuana business would be implementing mandatory minimum sentences for cultivation but then I guess they're just protecting their turf.Because they can't just shoot the opposition,they rely on the law to enforce their monopoly.It just struck me as strange.I'd forgotten about medical marijuana.I would actually conform to the priorities if I had any need for marijuana.Too bad it messes my head up or I'd try the government's out.I stick to shake because it's free and I can handle it.I do bud when I'm alone and can crank the stereo but if there's anyone else around,forget it.It weirds me out.Thus my affliction with opiates.Too much LSD and STP back in the day.I digress.I think it would be a positive measure for anyone and everyone to point out to Stephen Harper that the enforcement of a monopoly with the use of the penal system is both cowardly and wrong.He can be reached at :[email protected] Let him know what it looks like to you to have a monopoly enforced by mandatory minimum sentences for a single pot plant when the government product is over priced(according to his own auditor)and under powered.This is nothing more than the enforcement of a monopoly through the use of terror.If you have ever been in a para military style drug raid you would know what I mean by terror.
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drug laws

are exactly a protection racket .carried on by goverment sponserd terrorisim .police today are nothing more than nazis there back and brutal pot smokers are the new jews


[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada I was watching a documentary on Marc Emery and his DEA problems.It turns out that there are only 1500 mmj patients with the government exemption to possess and grow pot.What a joke.I know we have a small population but 1500.You would think there would be more than that in any one city in the country.

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