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UN Gang Leader arrested in Texas

The leader of what is supposed to be the most violent and aggressive gang in the Lower Mainland was picked up on a warrant in Texas,yesterday.There is supposed to be a warrant waiting in Seattle for the #2 man.The local cops have been pulling their hair out for several years,naming members and making all kinds of assumptions,in the press,but no arrests.Now we hear that the DEA has them on conspiracy charges.To me,that means more assumptions and assertions with little or no real evidence.I am predicting that even the corrupt American "justice" system will wind up with egg on their faces.Of course we're now being told that there has been this international effort to arrest these guys and that this is the culmination of that.Bullshit!If the RCMP had had enough to lay charges there's no way the DEA would have these guys in custody.I'm sure that this is probably a very nasty bunch of individuals.They've been terrorizing this neck of the woods for several years now.I just hate to see the members of law enforcement laying chicken shit conspiracy charges.They're hard to defend and they are always based on testimony from some low level thugs that get busted and want someone else to do their time for them.This is the kind of crap you get when the majority of the public doesn't really mind these guys as long as they just shoot each other.This is because most of the public avail themselves of their services at one time or another.It's like the old gangsters in the twenties,which is exactly what they are.They're violent,vicious ostentatious and they leave giant tips.They dress flashy and kill for a message.The worst that the general public will ever see is the hand holding their dope.These guys don't kill civilians,usually.As long as there's prohibition there will be gangsters serving a need and making reputations,fortunes and major dollars.These guys kids will be the future leaders of our country.The government will do everything to harass and break up these organizations but there will always be enough of them left to put the pieces together again.It's as useless and futile as it was in the roaring twenties.The inevitable result will be the same as well.Lets hope that time comes before too many more lives are wasted in the process.
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Lets hope the charges stick!!

These guys have been nothing but a pain in the ass up here in Canada. The UN gang lives in the neighboring suburb and frequents Langley on a regular basis. They run on fear and intimidation and have no respect for anyone but themselves. He faces 220 years if convicted in the USA which if in Canada he wouldn't likely see jail time! Good on the US authorities for bringing him in but PLEASE keep him!!

you have no idea what you're

you have no idea what you're talking about...

Please Explain

At least be a man, step up and explain why anonymous does not know what he/she is talking about. The ... don't really do anything, but make you sound like an uneducated whanabe gang banger. Your man will serve the rest of his adult life in prison. Its funny how a three year investigation nabbed him. What an idiot flying into the US.

ICE ICE baby


[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada Thanks for allowing the readership to take a look at what I've been talking about.For some reason Canadians are willing to allow the DEA to seize Canadians at will.The lunatic fringe just wants the problem to go away and don't care that the DEA is a real bunch of gangsters and don't subscribe to the rules of law.The man's bail hearing was all about allegations from the RCMP.If they had all this evidence what was the guy doing flying all over the place?If the DEA had evidence why were they relying on Canadian information to keep this guy in prison.I hate it that this kind of gangster exists but if there are going to be these stupid drug laws there will be gangsters.It's called prohibition folks.It breeds gangsters.Your ire is misplaced.


"These guys have been nothing but a pain in the ass up here in Canada "
wtf did "they?" do to you ?
please explain or mind your own bussines
like seriously i understand if an friend/familly member has been affected by this group of people ... but ifnot butt out & mind your bussines also sweetie i dont think theUS authorities are gonna care about your mindless input or evan read this so congrats on the pointless commet
& btw this wasnot a pointless commet as for i was teaching a valuble life lesson
mind your own bussiness ;)


ALOT of little people behind there keyboards talkin smack on here... In the real world you don't talk like that. Listen lets call a spade a spade. We are who we are...yes. But Its the politicians, gov't, police who have failed us all miserably. Yes Marijuana should be decriminalized and taxed like alcohol, so many problems would be solved... DONT FORGET these alleged "groups" you are all bad mouthing make this province tick! The amount of money that goes back into this province is why this province is so wealthy! Its not the lumber, fishing or tourism its the growers, dealers and "groups" that fund so much. Wake up! This is the way life is yes people die everyday, sometimes inocent but not so much. These people that are showing up dead have a history with these "groups" YES. Sometimes loose lips sink ships and people dont understand that and sometimes innocent people get involved with groups they shouldnt...plain and simple. No one can say for sure why one (this) person is/was killed. What i see is alot of spin offs and misguided, thoughtless posts. There is a war out there and I doubt anytime soon we are all gonna roll over and let the politicians/police win. BTW its funny how no one has pointed out the biggest GANG in Canada...THE POLICE. Truth hurts. Its because of our society our way of letting the Gov't/Politicians dictate whats right that alot of "groups" say hell no. Dont forget who the most corrupt feckers on the planet are...The Gov't, politicians and police. How many police have killed innocent people with tasers/guns??? How many police walk away from the job unscathed after commiting a serious crime, or excuse me accidents??? So until people wake up and look in the mirror and take account for the way OUR society is than you will never understand. The "groups" are formed because of the demand for loyalty, friendship, trust, honor, integrity and security. There is alot of risk in this profession but without risk there are no rewards. Where there is RISK there is also loss. We know it, You know it, so we are clear right, we all know it. These soldiers that are falling are that... soldiers in a war, be respectful or shut your mouth. Yes everyone has an opinion but think before you speak, it makes you look and sound competely ignorant....Or is that how you want to be perceived? Its amazing how intelligent Canadians are but how we let Americans influence us. This is our house, our country, our laws. Watch and see how much longer it is until the USA is under martial law. Are we gonna follow right along...I wont set foot in a country where your rights, privlages and basic human needs can be taken from you in an instant. RIP FALLEN SOLDIERS. CLAYTON ROUECHE WE HONOR AND THANK YOU AND ALL THE SOLDIERS OF THE UN FOR FIGHTING BACK AGAINST THE SYSTEM THAT HAS FAILED US ALL.

Un ftw

Un ftw

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