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Ruling doesn't apply

Submitted by David Borden on
The Canadian Supreme court recently ruled on the legality of drug sniffing dogs in schools.The ruling said that the use had to be restricted to cases in which evidence of a crime was in play.In the Province of Quebec a school board has decided that the ruling doesn't apply to them or their dogs because they are not police dogs but belong to a private company.They somehow reason that because of this they can continue to utilize the dogs in random searches of school property,including the property of the students.Although this runs contrary to the ruling,the school board plans to continue as if nothing has changed.They were stopped from conducting random searches of backpacks in the school gym while the students were confined to their classroom.They claim that there is no criminal penalty involved and that they just want to identify those at risk of drug use.I'm sure they've never heard about how the road to hell is paved or they just don't care.Quebec is the only province in Canada which is under rule of French law where one is guilty until proved innocent.This will probably find it's way back into court as it's another obvious end run around the charter.It's just another example of how peoples judgement seems to leave the room whenever drugs are mentioned.The company that owns the dogs are ex police who saw a buck in drug enforcement.Like all the rest of the anti drug establishment they see money in prohibition and want to carve out their little piece.I've seen so much of this lately that I'm beginning to see that it's not just the black market that provides the resistance to drug policy reform.There are more vested interests every day that rely on the prohibition of drugs to provide them a pay cheque.The worst part is that they convince themselves that they do it for the good of society.Self deluding enterprises that will have to be dismantled if we are ever to see real change in drug policy.It puts a whole new face on the term living off of human misery.Doesn't anyone look into the foundation on which these laws are based?I suppose it's easier just to take the money and be blissfully ignorant.

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